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Monday, May 16, 2016


no not the cigar
no not the country
the mavericks owner
Image result for mark cuban

thats who would make an interesting presidential candidate
he i think
has the good qualities of donald trump well he does have a few
without all the trappings of those bad things trumps says
against women
against hispanics
against muslims
against american indians
things he just makes up or lies about
heck he just called elizabeth warren pocahontas
id be careful on that one donald
you may have met your match with her
remember she is on our side us common folks

now mark cuban
he is a conservative who doesnt have all the social baggage stuff
that donald has
in fact he lives in a world dominated by minorities
the nba
his well part of his livelihood is dependent on his relations with
the black dominated nba

i have listened to him for years
i dont ever recall his making disparaging remarks on these minorities women
gays etc like donald has
he is brash and independent

just yesterday i was sitting reading and thinking
i thought
you know mark cuban would be a good presidential candidate this year
he has the uncanny ability to cut through all the garbage
to what is important
he fixes it

this is what we want this year
someone who thinks outside the box
outside of washington politics
who can and would get things done
making enemies of the establishment in washington
as he would go along fixing things here
in the usa

even though he is conservative
i think i could vote for him
he seems to have some of the conservative ideas that i could go along with

he has been in the real world
worked with all the groups that trump is trashing
many of them would vote for cuban

i read today he was approached as a third party candidate
sadly its too late for that
he should have jumped on board months ago
and done battle with trump and the others

now i havent watched any of the things they call presidential debates
i would definitely watch one that mark cuban was in

heres hoping
this will stimulate an interest a challenge for cuban
he always likes challenges
to start running for 2020

he could go from mavericks president to our usa president

i sure would give him consideration

the organicgreen doctor

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