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i am a family physician who was diagnosed with
early mild cognitive impairment(mci) amnestic type on december 21, 2010
this is a precursor to alzheimers disease
because of this diagnosis i have opted to stop practicing medicine
this blog will be about my journey with this disease
please feel free to follow me along this path
i will continue blogging on organic gardening, green living,
solar power, rainwater collection, and healthy living
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Wednesday, May 18, 2016

bouncer and the bee

this is a story about a city dog comes to the country

now this dogs name is bouncer
you can imagine why he has that name right
he lives in the city
lives closely with his human owners
well he has lived like a lot of city dogs a sheltered life
you know
what we have found is that in those dogs that have grown up
that way
there deep down is a lot of country in them
they just need to be able to release the country inner self

sometimes the learning can be painful

when bouncer first arrives he dont like the other dogs being
around him much
you see he is top dog where he lives
we got an alpha dog named maverick
a true alpha dog
he displays his alpha until the other new dog submits
then he totally ignores him
once he thinks he wins

then there is our dog marley
a golden retriever who is what i called a licker
he will lick you to death
pet him good and you have a friend for life

he doesnt care about the alpha stuff
he just wants to play with bouncer
run and play
thats all he wants

now when the bouncer owners delivered bouncer to us
for his week stay
they understand that he will be a country dog while here
he will i repeat he will be real dirty and smelly when they pick
him up
they have done this before so they know to bring a tarp for him
to lie on in the back of the car
i recommend that take him right to the car wash
do the supreme wash and rinse is what i said

now mr bouncer has two pleasures while here

he likes to immerse himself in marleys water trough
one i keep filled so marley wont use my ponds and destroy all the plants
a compromise he and i made several years ago

the other pleasure is going to the river
here i put on my mud boots
got my walking stick
they knew exactly what i said
they ran to the gate with tails awagging

now the trip down there is a fun
they seem to like the crooked route
visiting the neighbors paint horses
chasing field mice
trailing smells down the paths that the deer make
yes they like to roll all over the deer doo
why do they do that
now bouncer he added deer doo to his smell
then now bouncer he minds well like marley does
maverick he is independent and just goes at his own speed
and his own path
bouncer he stays close by looking back to make sure im close
no leash needed

then as we approach the river
all three are gone
they know where to go
i arrive to the banks of the river
bouncer his genes have kicked in
is in the river swimming and biting at the water
he doesnt know chase the stick yet
marley sure does
hell track that stick you throw downstream until he can get it
in his mouth
then swims back with it
gives it to me so i can do it again and again
until he finally tires
then i know its time to go

one good thing with all this fresh air is that
bouncer gets cleaned up some
so he wont smell so bad
maybe ill take him down to the river right before his owners
come pick him up
hell like that bath better than the car wash

i decided to check my bees this week
donning my white garb
now when marley and maverick see me do this
they go to the opposite end of the property
they forgot to tell bouncer though
they done made the mistake once
it only took once for them
to be curious about me messing with the bees

its amazing what one bee sting can imprint on your memory
permanently i may add

poor bouncer
he didnt know about bees
he was just curious and wanted to be near humans
now he was 60 ft away from me
when those bees get ticked off
thats a little too close

so it wasnt long when those bees were aswarming around and around
one took off looking for a nose or eye or face to avenge this attack
on his hive
now my wife she was all garbed up
marley and maverick they were safely tucked away in our garage
not moving or even blinking

poor bouncer
he didnt have a clue
that bee attack
sacrificing himself for the hive
ending his life embedded somewhere on bouncers face

oh my bouncer
i thought he must have been attacked by the whole hive
the way he rocked and rolled and whined and rubbed his face
and body in the grass
he looked like a bronc or riding bull that had a cowboy on his back
all around the property he went
until finally he got that bronco bee off his face

bouncer 0 bee 1

lesson learned
that city dog
bouncer will sure have a lot to tell his family
when he gets home

what happens in the country
stays in the country
thats ranch rules

the organicgreen doctor

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