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Thursday, May 26, 2016


now i believe in karma
sometimes you have to wait for years and years
for her to take her revenge
she acts fast
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this week she did both
acted years later
acted within a few days

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kenneth starr was the prosecutor who went after the clintons
in the 1990s
he spent millions of millions of our taxpayer dollars to go
after the clintons
some reports say it was as much as 80 million bucks

he spent months and months investigating them
there were lots of common folks who
were caught in the wake of his investigation

we knew a lot of people who had to lawyer up
who didnt do anything wrong
who spent life savings to protect themselves
even though they didnt do anything wrong
they were emotionally and financially destroyed
a lot of bitter folks came out of that investigation
a lot of innocent folks

there were a lot of innocent folks
even the clintons never were charged or convicted of anything
just stupidity and bills oversexed sex drive
couldnt keep it in his pants

i still cant believe this country impeached a president
over an affair

this event the impeachment left a bitterness in politics
that still exists today
it probably will like the civil war never go away

so kenneth starr
got his karma this week
as he was let go as the no he was fired as the president
of baylor university

someone had to go because of the cover up of the sexual cases
in the athletic department
at least this time they didnt murder someone

still not sure why the coach didnt get axed
i know he wins games

kenneth starr as someone who hated your investigation of the clintons
you found nothing
destroyed lots of peoples lives
im glad karma
raised its head
bit you in the backside

karma you dont give up do you

then karma struck fast this week
enter the golden state warrior player draymon green
the offensive third wheel of their powerful offensive team
the team expected to win it all this year
the nba championship

now mr green is an aggressive player
his team is close to being eliminated from the playoffs for his
well lets just go ahead and say it
dirty play
hes got too many technicals this year
like red cards in soccer
you get one you sit out the next game
in basketball once you reach that limit you miss the next game
not a good thing for one of your good players to have happen
in the championship games

now mr green went up for a shot
as he finished his shot
out went his foot
to me it looked like he just flat kicked the other player in the groin
on purpose
i guess the refs didnt see it that way
the guy he kicked his a big ole 7 ft center who use to be
a rugby player
which means he is tuff as nails
well a kick in the wrong place brought him to his knees

now half of you reading this will know how painful that can be
how incapacitating that could be

so everyone thought well that was just an accident
the next game
he did it again
it again seemed obvious it was intentional
to me and all the sports reporters

my thought
flagrant technical the thunder shoots technical shots and gets the ball out
mr green is gone for the rest of the game
didnt happen though

but the nba responded later by changing the call to a flagrant foul
and a $25,000 fine
like making me pay a $5 speeding ticket
ill just keep speeding at that price

to me no justice was done for the obvious intentional injury
karma took over
remember now she always wins

mr green played like crap the next game
the warriors players all played like crap
they lost
the thunder are up 3-1 in the series
looking like the thunder will probably win and go to the nba finals

karma you not only got mr green good
but did you have to hurt the whole team
i like the warriors

i understand
dont blame her
blame him

please stay away from me

the organicgreen doctor

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  1. I too have been waiting for something to happen to Ken Starr bet feel bad for my warriors. Wonderful blog on karma.