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this is a precursor to alzheimers disease
because of this diagnosis i have opted to stop practicing medicine
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Wednesday, June 1, 2016

dear ms b-superbug


it seems that my generation called the baby boomers
are not leaving things better for your generation
not yet named
oh i just googled it
yours is called generation z

now ms b
ive been waiting for this to happen for years
i knew the day was coming
when our world as we know it may go away

when i was in medical school and residency
we use to be able to treat a womens uti
with just amoxacillin
even those cases where they developed the more serious
many could be treated with plan old ampicillin which
is the same as amoxacillin
the most common germ is called e coli

then by the time i was in private practice
it got to where you used higher and higher doses
of amoxacillin to do its job
then it didnt work anymore

this stuff was given like water to animals even if
they werent sick
it was put in their feed
kids with colds
adults with sinusitis and colds

then eventually you couldnt use it for a uti
or ear infection or pneumonia
since it didnt work anymore
it was overused
the bugs all got resistant to it

then we had to start using sulfa drugs commonly
called bactrim and septra to treat a uti
then yes
just like the others
they got to where more and more folks with a uti
would come back not cured when you treated them
with this sulfa based drug
you guessed it the bugs won again

then we switched to cipro
worked great for awhile
you guessed it
the bugs started winning again
now many of the bugs that cause a uti
are now resistance to the cipro

so now we use
well we are starting to run out of new things to use
there is not anything new antibioticwise
that is safe to regularly use

so this last week
now i have been expecting this too finally happen
the real superbug showed up here in the united states
in a lady who had a uti
the e coli was resistant to all antibiotics we have
even gorillacillin

it first showed up in pigs in africa

so what can we do
maybe nothing
we may be all screwed now

now ms b
why am i telling you this
i dont want to sugarcoat life for you
this is the real world we live in

ms b
in your lifetime you will lose family members and friends
to a bacterial infection we use to be able to treat
but now we cant
because of the superbug

its my fault
the healthcare systems fault
societys fault
the animal food industrys fault
the governments fault
that this is happening

im sorry
on this one
i dont have an answer
there may not be one

the organicgreen doctor

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