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because of this diagnosis i have opted to stop practicing medicine
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please feel free to follow me along this path
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Monday, January 2, 2012

soup bowls


those football bowl games have become alphabet soup bowl
it reminds me of eating alphabet soup as a kid and finding all
those letters but not seeing a word i recognized

pulled out my list of bowl games from my wife shes list from
work (she donated $5 so she could guess the winners
well she should have bought a lottery ticket instead
so i made the choices for her as i have more knowledge of the
different teams-my scores later)

so i skimmed the list for the rose bowl, cotton bowl, peach bowl,
orange bowl but couldnt find any
remember we always watched the cotton bowl growing up as
thats where arkansas always wanted to play

lets see cotton bowl is in dallas so lets find a bowl in dallas
it will be in the cotton bowl
all i could find was the att bowl at jerrys place
guess thats the cotton bowl
that jerrys taking over everything

surely they wouldnt call the granddaddy of them all the rose bowl
something else would they
yep its the vizio bowl
whats a vizio doesnt the rose bowl desire some name better like the
cadallac or lexus bowl
the vizio parade of televisions parade
something is just not right with all this

ok i know texas is playing in the holiday bowl
i know thats in san diego cause theyve played there before
so i looked everywhere and couldnt find the holiday bowl
guess since they didnt play good this year they got some bowl
that no one knows what it was
searched and searched then i found it
its the bridgepoint education bowl
say what
what kind of bowl game is that
know its not the championship game with a name like that
dont you wonder about an educational ?institution that will
sponsor a bowl game
anyway texas won and i got that one right

so i wanted to see rg3 play and knew he played in the alamo bowl
thats an easy one that has to be in san antonio
unless unless its the car rental bowl
surely not
there it is its the valero bowl
a gas station bowl
not fitting for a heisman champion
but it looked like they would all run out of gas before the game was over

so i want to see texas am play, oklahoma play, stanford play, and
boise state play
lets see texas am played and won the meineke bowl-use to be the
texas bowl
good name for texas am game the tail end bowl the muffler bowl

so lets see they are playing in the insight bowl those sooners
good name for a team that was to be in the national championship
use to be the copper bowl for tarnished teams

surely stanford would be in the vizio rose bowl game
andrews the qb
no its oregon and wisconsin
they are in the tostitos fiesta bowl with the cowboys
this will probably be the best game of all the alphabet bowl games

now lets see lets find boise state
they were in the top ten
they lost one game and should have won it
they would probably be in a later game against a big time
opponent to see if they was legit
couldnt find them for a while
there they are in the maaco las vegas bowl against arizona state
wow  we do need a playoff

looked for the bcs championship game so i could watch lsu and
alabama beat each other up and not score
what weird name would they call this one
oh the bcs championship game

lets see other ones are the famous idaho potato bowl,
the fight hunger bowl, the taxslayer.com bowl-im for that one,
all those bank bowls why cant they just cut their fees bowl,
the san diego credit union bowl-ill sure watch and support that one
the one i always watch
the godaddy.com bowl
its like the super bowl its all about the ads

we need a playoff system soon real soon
my wife she is losing her $5

the organicgreen doctor

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