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this is a precursor to alzheimers disease
because of this diagnosis i have opted to stop practicing medicine
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Tuesday, December 4, 2018

what a way to go

Image result for spacex launch vandenberg yesterday

yesterday after dropping our car off to have a routine maintenance done
i noted we only put 5000 miles on our car last year
i put almost 3500 on my car in the 18 months ive lived here

after leaving the dealership we headed to one of our favorite places to hike around here
its called the butterfly grove
its a large area of eucalyptuses that have become a place for the monarchs to congregate each winter
in the past there would be droves and droves of them
attracting lots of visitors each year
now not so much

with the drought a lot of the trees have died and fallen down all over the place
the local government agency that supervises the groves have put up signs saying that the trails through all the groves are closed off until its safe to go in there

also with the climate changing and its warmer and drier here the monarchs arent staying here much in the last few years

now my wife she and i havent always been rule followers
we broke the rules yesterday
into the butterfly grove we walked
yes there was a lot of dead trees felled and the trail was blocked in a lot of places
but a lot of other rule breakers had made a trail around these blocked areas
i wonder if they got arrested
no we didnt either

i felt like i was in the wooded area of southern arkansas
it was quiet except for birds and buzzing bees
yes we did see an occasional monarch fluttering all over the place
i stood looking up into those huge eucalyptus trees just wandering what a beautiful site that must have been
i guess it wont be happening again anymore

now thats sad

an illegal walk through the forest that we are glad we did
yes we werent alone that day
there were other rule breakers afoot

as we burst out of the eucalyptus forest we walked onto a flat bluff of several acres
that overlooks the pacific ocean
we stood multiple times as we hiked across this plateau
stopping to feel the breezes hear the waves see the boats in the distances see the birds chasing the waves down below

now this is true meditation

the nearby airport squirted its big planes out over this plateau as they edged upward into the deep blue sky
as we looked up with the bright sun at our back
there was this reflection off something that seemed to be headed right towards us
getting bigger and bigger
all i could think was the governments coming to get us for walking in the butterfly grove

my wife she said i think its a big drone heading our way

it got bigger and bigger and shinier and then it seemed to get this long long white tail
attached to it
what the heck is that
then it seemed to just go higher and higher and higher with that white stuff blowing out the bottom of whatever that was
then it disappeared deep deep way up high in the sky

later we heard this booming sound in the distance
i looked up wondering did it blow up or something

then i remembered that the space x falcon was being launched from vandenberg afb which is about an hour from here
the launch time as i looked at my watch was right now as we were walking

i would have loved to see all this at night it would have been beautifuler im sure

its funny just that morning as i was reading about the launch i thought we have to go and watch it get launched sometimes
i got to see it from afar standing with my wife she on that plateau looking over the ocean on one side then the illegal butterfly grove on the other side

this morning i read where folks could pay about $2500 to have some of their ashes put in a capsule
that allowed your remains to orbit the earth eventually burning all up in space

hummmmmm thats cheaper than a funeral

i plan to tell my wife she

thats the way i want to go

the organicgreen doctor

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