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early mild cognitive impairment(mci) amnestic type on december 21, 2010
this is a precursor to alzheimers disease
because of this diagnosis i have opted to stop practicing medicine
this blog will be about my journey with this disease
please feel free to follow me along this path
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Thursday, June 30, 2011

yes even more wedding journey

remember as you read this that sometimes bad things
turn out to be good things

so here we go
this could be a real bad day
we have 5 people in a small one bedroom apartment with
one bed and just enough cushions from the couches to make
3 cushion beds
we are all tired and im real tired and running on 2 hours sleep
and still wired from being caffeinated last night
this is not going to be good

(my best medical school friend would call this something that
i cant post on this blog but my wife she and i and he
knows what those words are)

so we called around and this is summer soltace celebration here
in santa barbara and there are no rooms available anywhere for miles
except for one room at a resort hotel here for $475 a night so we
booked it as i decided if it was $1000 a night i didnt care

so that was done so i thought

well here we went with 5 people with not enough sleep
so now we have to go to a luncheon for the guys and then
go to this museum for a tour-yeh thats all i need is to do
a 3 hour museum tour with no sleep and being grouchy at the
same time

this is not what i wanted to happen the day before my sons wedding
we wanted it all to go perfect
(it did eventually)

so we go to lunch and have a great meal at an old cafe here in
santa barbara then to that dam musem

so why did he/she decide to send us to this dam museum today
when we are so busy (and now so tired)

we arrived to this building on the top of a hill overlooking
santa barbara
oh my goodness we spent 3 hours there and none of us wanted
to leave
go to google and google dreier museum santa barbara to read
all about this place
got to hold one of babe ruths bats and swing it around
got to hold one of michael jacksons outfits from his first music
awards that sucker was heavy, saw one of only two honus wagner
baseball cards that exists, got to touch multiple items that were
worth $1000000 and so much more that it was so overwhelming
its hard to remember it all
(and thats not an mci problem)

it was hard to leave because we wanted to see more or all of it
as we know we might never get another chance to visit as they
only let selected groups tour the place
(check a bad thing became a good thing)

well guess that rehearsal dinner is more important

we called to let the hotel know we would be later getting in today
so they said
what reservation we dont have a record of a reservation
well now here comes a low point as we were just getting off the big
high from the museum tour
later it got better

next we had a mad dash back to the 5 person apartment now with
6 people to suddenly get dressed and make the mad dash to the
that was a lot of fun but we dashed to the rehearsal and
guess what
we 6 were the first ones there

we went through the rehearsal  wihout any problems
what a great weekend for the wedding
the weather was and is perfect
this is important as it is an outside rehearsal dinner and wedding

survived the rehearsal now to to the rehearsal dinner
i just wanted to get that toast over
hope i go first

we called (that is my wife she called) the hotel back as they
were checking on our reservations
answer is sorry mam we didnt make that reservation as we have
been booked for awhile and we havent had rooms available for
awhile either
now that sucks big time
6 people in one small apartment is not going to be good
the night before the wedding

we went on with the rehearsal dinner and we have to be in a good
mood as we are the hosts

lets see we are tired, i have to give the toast, some of us dont
have a place to sleep tonight but we will make this work
remember mistakes here will last a lifetime

as it turned out a bad thing turned out to be a good thing
because during the rehearsal dinner as we were visiting before we
got to sit down to eat a friend of my older sons finances shes family
said if yall need a place to stay while you are here we have a
guest room and another room you can stay in
without knowing we needed a place to stay

well the stars are starting to line back up again

(to that couple and their son we want to thank them so very
very much for allowing us to stay at their place and probably
saving the wedding journey weekend for us
and to allow us to have met you which we would not have got
to know as well as we did if we had not stayed at your house
thanks so much to j m and d)

whoa what a change in things thanks to someones kindness
another bad thing became a good thing

now that problem is solved
now to that toast speech
i got up did my speech and toast without crying too much
i had edited out a line about meeting my now daugterinlaws shes dad
and how i wished i could have got to know him better
and how i wished he could be here to enjoy this happy event
because i couldnt say this part even when practicing it without
i added part of it though at the last minute as i felt it was important
to mention him as his presence was felt throughout the week

we had a great rehearsal dinner that night on that cool pleasant
night at that amazing my wet suitcase sisterinlaws shes house
she did a great decorating job and a great job of helping us
host this event and also she gave a great speech and toast

(to my wet suitcase sisterinlaw you are an amazing person
thank you so much)

(ok i apologize now for getting your suitcase all soaked when
your husband and i put wet plants in your suitcase on one of
your trips to austin-please forgive me)

so a bad thing turned out to be eventually several good things

thanks to the dreier musem and to my oldest sons fiance shes
good friends and to my wet suitcase sisterinlaw shes great hosting

next the wedding day
(hint it was a great day)

the organicgreen doctor


  1. good people with good intentions will meet good outcomes... love reading your blog.


  2. I love your stories! Thanks for bringing a smile to my face when times are tough! Many blessings to you and your family and especially to your son and his new wife! May they have a wonderful life together.
    Kim ;-)