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i am a family physician who was diagnosed with
early mild cognitive impairment(mci) amnestic type on december 21, 2010
this is a precursor to alzheimers disease
because of this diagnosis i have opted to stop practicing medicine
this blog will be about my journey with this disease
please feel free to follow me along this path
i will continue blogging on organic gardening, green living,
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Friday, July 1, 2011

wedding journey the wedding day

so todays the day
we slept better last night thanks to jm and d
their house is on the top of a hill overlooking  santa barbara
what an amazing view overlooking santa barbara at night and
in the am

(their house was burned in the fires that swept through here and
they lost everything in the house
they have only been back in this new house for a few months
they rebuilt it to be just like the old one
again they probably saved our wedding weekend for us
thanks again jm and d)

so we  got dressed and went back to the apartment to drop
me off
my wife she and her mom did the makeupprettyingup thing
and was gone until time to get ready for the wedding

not sure what they did for all of those hours but sure am glad
i wasnt with them

here is another good thing from a bad thing
i sat and talked to one of the groomsman who lives
in austin
if not for that mishap with the rooms i would never have
got to sit and talk with him
well hes an organic green gardener so you know we spoke
the language and spent an hour talking about gardening,
looking at pictures of his landscaping, hardscaping,
and garden
we use the same organic green nursery in austin
yep a bond was formed that afternoon

the guys walked downtown to watch the summer soltice parade
which was so good this year
think mardi gras atmosphere in the daytime without everyone
drunk but with everyone having a good time
(it was a green parade as all mechanization to move the floats etc
was done with human power)
was sad i couldnt stay  to watch all of it but we had something
better to do that day

so got on my tuxedo and it did not hurt at all
the black suit made my white hair stand out
my wife she looked fantastic
almost didnt recognize her after the makeup and hair fixing

we made to to the wedding ok
dang everyone in the wedding party looked so good

am glad they took all the pictures first as i dont think they
could have got them done after the wedding

ok i know its my oldest son hes and my oldest sons fiance
shes wedding but what a great wedding

the weather was perfect
we survived the wedding week
everything is turning out perfect in the end
the bride and goom look fantastic

the bride was given up by her mom as her dad had
died from a lengthy illness

(she gave her up very reluctantly i might add-
she was stuck to my new daughterinlaw shes shoulder to
shoulder with velcro)

luckily my son had met him and got to know him and got to be
there for emotional support as his disease progressed
my son got to ask her dad for permission to marry his daughter
my son was given the ok
just wished her dad could have been there
this was the time at the wedding when i cried the most

the ceremony was so good
the minister was so good and made every one comfortable
with his wit and humor

the people there were a mixture of religions from around
the world
the scripture read was one that one would not realize was out
of the bible and was so appropriate to marriage

for the wedding vows my now daugherinlaw she read her vows
wow she may turn out to be a good one after all
can tell they both love each other

my son the groom when he got to read his vows
reached in his pocket and pulled out his iphone
and clicked on his posting and read his vows from the phone
well we are in a new technological age arent we
what a great ceremony

what a great toast from my youngest son as the best man
ok so my wife she and i cried again when he did that toast

the bride and grooms speech was equally as good
the food was great
the band was great
the family and friends seemed to have a good time

what a great wedding and reception

the journey is not over though as their journey
has just begun

a toast to my oldest son he and my new daughterinlaw she
we wish you the best
may you have a happy life together

(a special thanks to
my motherinlaw she for allowing us to take over her apartment
jm and d for allowing us to use their home to rest our tired heads
my wet suitcase sisterinlaw for setting up and having such a
great rehearsal dinner)

the organicgreen doctor


  1. Under different circumstances I would have loved to be with you for the wedding. Who would have thought that our sons would marry on the same day. It sounds like a wonderful day fitting for a wonderful family. See you Sunday at the lake house.

  2. gh
    who would have thought huh
    look forward to visit

  3. Abundant blessings for the newly weds.