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i am a family physician who was diagnosed with
early mild cognitive impairment(mci) amnestic type on december 21, 2010
this is a precursor to alzheimers disease
because of this diagnosis i have opted to stop practicing medicine
this blog will be about my journey with this disease
please feel free to follow me along this path
i will continue blogging on organic gardening, green living,
solar power, rainwater collection, and healthy living
i will blog on these plus other things noted to be interesting

Wednesday, July 6, 2011

weather, flight fun

its so hot here this summer with the heat and the drought that
even the cactus are wilting

i dont like to fly
its not a fear of flying or
flight anxiety its just that
i get severe motion sickness so i have to take medicine
to prevent the motion sickness

as we left santa barbara at 1200 noon i took my pill that dissolves
in my mouth (thats the one that got all wet on the walk to the
airport when i left on the trip as we had a shower and i got soaked
walking from the parking lot to the terminal and found a dissolved
pill in my pocket which made for a fun flight that day)

well it happened again
not a wet pill but time caused my last flight to be a nauseating problem

heres the story
we left late and barely got to the phoenix airport in time to catch
our connecting flight home
my wife she and my motherinlaw she waited at the first plane
waiting for our unchecked luggage in a hot runway walkway
(why dont they just check those dam things for free and be
done with it)

i dashed ahead and found the gate our transfer flight was leaving
from and held my ground at the check in desk waiting for those
 two ladies
they made it barely as they were going to close the doors on us
cant they be nicer as it was their fault we were late
(as it turned out i should have just taken my time)

we all got on the plane and waited and waited in a semihot plane
how come they cant let air blow out of those little holes in the
ceiling while you are just sitting there

finally they closed the door and backed out of the terminal and
headed back to the runway then
sorry folks one of the air conditioners is out (think i had already
figured that out) and in this hot weather we
can either fly too warm or go back to the terminal and get it fixed

i voted for fixing the ac in that 113 degree phoenix weather

so we all unloaded with our bags, waited for the unchecked
luggage,and set up camp in the terminal
we watched as they worked on the plane and as they started up
the plane great bellows of smoke came out of the motors
that didnt look good
not sure i want on that plane

after a few hours there was an announcement
the plane cant be fixed
we are looking for a new plane for us to fly
but you have to go to a new gate
of course we were at 2 and had to go all the way to the last gate
which was in the 20s number
and we waited

finally after a few hours they said we have a plane and pilots
lets board
yes finally after several hours
we all got on the plane
got all loaded up
by now i met my fellow passenger and found out all about her
after all we had been sitting by each other several hours by now
we met the people next to us and in front of us
we all became friends before all this was over with

so we took off ok
my fellow passenger next to me must have partied too much
in vegas as she slept the whole time on this flight
joke was on her though

after an hour or hour and a half the pilot came on the intercom
thats not good
well we have a mechanical problem and we are going back
to phoenix
that sucks gosh we should have been almost all the way to
austin by now

then later he came back on in a more serious tone and said
we have had a problem with one of the landing gears coming back
up and we have had to fly in circles around phoenix since we left
to burn off fuel so we could land
the other landing gears have came down ok

so why do they have to burn off all that fuel before we land
i did not want to ask
but i could sure read between the lines

so here we go
burned off all that fuel huh
at least we werent told to bend forward and put our heads down
as we approach the landing

my fellow passenger woke up and was
getting ready to get off the plane in austin
almost didnt have the heart to tell her we were in phoenix
(now that would have been funny if we had just let her get off
without her knowing she was not in austin)
boy was she shocked when i told her the truth

so here we go again
we got off the plane (thank goodness it was a good landing)
waited to get our unchecked baggage again  that should have
been checked
and waited in the waiting area

we were told after a while that they were looking for a plane and for
new pilots (guess we wore the other ones out)
so we waited some more
then after a few more hours an announcement was made

we have a plane and pilots but we are leaving at a new gate
thats right back all the way to where we started
(if you have been to phoenix you know the distance from gate 1
to gate 20s is a long way)

we made it to the gate and waited and waited then finally we
all boarded the plane
as we took off i realized my motion sickness pill had worn off and
it was in my unchecked baggage that was in the belly of the plane
so i took deep breaths of cool air and drank ginger ale to make
it to austin
hey thats how i started this wedding journey week

so i got to meet a young girl from austin who is going to chef school
who is also working as a chief assistant in a large hotel near austin
there is hope for the future

we met a schoolteacher who was flying in to meet her husband in
austin as he was flying in from atlanta on his way to where he
teaches college
they will have a short night together as we got in at 200am

then there was the lady who was over medicated or over alcoholed
who began crying after the first plane mishap and they would not
let her back on the plane
she may be the lucky one as she may not remember any of this

what an interesting day it was
and an interesting end to our great wedding journey week

so dont expect me to fly anywhere for awhile
so i did kiss the floor of the terminal when i finally arrived here

the organicgreen doctor

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