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this is a precursor to alzheimers disease
because of this diagnosis i have opted to stop practicing medicine
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Thursday, June 16, 2011

germans shine, light bulbs

well the germans decided no more nuclear energy for them
especially after the problems after the earthquake in japan
they will over 11 years replace nuclear power with renewable
energy sources

they made a huge commitment to solar energy several years ago
that commitment will be ever stronger now

there farmers use part of their pastures as solar farms
they get subsidies to put in these solar farms and make a
profit off the energy produced
its not much different than the subsidies given farmers already
in the us for raising crops or in some cases not raising crops

here at the country inn i would gladly donate 5 acres to solar panels
sure wish our government would make that same commitment

google has partnered with a company in the us called solar city
which will put in a solar system at your house and sell the
electricity to you at a guaranteed rate that is lower than
your electric companies rate with no outlay of money
the website is www.solarcity.com
or just google it

this is what the us should be doing
this is what the germans have been doing for years
hopefully well get there soon or well probably wait until
its too late

well the old light bulbs are going away
wonder if an old light bulb black market pops up
bet it does
americans dont like change

there is hi-halogen incandescent-which is like the old bulb
but is souped up with halogen and is only 25% more efficient
and is the cheapest of the new choices

there is cfl-compact fluorescent light-those are the spiral ones
they have traces of mercury and are 75% energy more efficient and
is second cheapest choices

then there is led-light emitting diode-uses a small semicondutctor
chip and is 85% more efficient and lasts 25 times longer
its also the most expensive
it generates much less heat

pay more now and pay less later for energy

knowing the black market though bet well see smuggling of
light bulbs into the us especially through mexico
sure our jails will fill up with people convicted for having more
than the legal limit of old light bulbs
bet the county we live in will do harsher penalties for those crooks
than they will in the county where austin is
lets fill those jails up with those crooks
thatll deter them from selling that illegal contraband

the organicgreen doctor

1 comment:

  1. the problem with the new light bulbs is how U.S. companies buy them from overseas manufacturers and mark up the price to incredible levels.

    I walk through Lowes and Home Depot(frequently, lately) and it's interesting they have light bulbs in the same area... and led lights as high as $50 per "bulb"... I've purchased many led lights off ebay from various chinese manufacturers and they are the same. Same manufacturer, build quality and light levels. Some are blue-ish and some have a warm tone (brown) but either way, give great light with minimal consumption.

    What also needs to change is the 110v only power in homes. Low voltage (12v) lines would be a good idea in homes. Imagine an outlet with 110v outlets but also a usb adapter. 110v to 12v converters "wall warts" are becoming far too common.

    My goal is to get a few solar panels able to charge up a battery pack that can provide a clean, solid 12v power stream into my home for simple led lighting, charging of phones, etc. and maybe even powering low power components (low consumption laptops).

    I'm tired of large corporations making large and expensive options in this. It can very easily be done on the small scale.

    Oh don't get me started... or maybe it's already too late. :)

    Have a good day, Doc!