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Monday, July 1, 2019

mr hudson goes to washington dc


this cute face could be on national tv soon
keep reading to know why he is going to washington dc
read his story below

this is mr h that i have written about several times since he was born 10 months ago
he had an early rough start for the first two months but has improved since

his name is
hudson joseph william nash
joseph after his maternal grandfather who passed before he was born
he would i am sure be so proud of mr hudsons toughness and good nature dealing with all this
william named after his paternal grandfather
that would be be the organicgreen doctor
yes he has been in the garden multiple times in his lifetime
as an aside his sister ms b was born by csection with a bag of my texas country n soil in a baggie lying under the surgical table
hudson well thats one of those millennial or generation x names

he was born early at 34 weeks by csection since he was found to have totally obstructed kidneys that as it turned out left him with chronic kidney failure or chronic kidney disease
his initial 6 weeks were pretty rocky
once i told my wife she that ms b needs to be brought into the nicu to see him even with all those tubes everywhere since i thought he wasnt going to make it
he was in kidney failure and heart failure
with treatment he lost almost 2 lbs of fluid caused by diffuse edema
he is a tough little bugger
the heart thing totally cleared
in fact he recently got a clean bill of health on his heart
he is otherwise a normal 10 month old doing what a child who was 6 weeks premature should be doing
laughing playing standing trying to talk eating well

as i say and others say when they see him
you would never know anything was wrong with him

he is in kidney failure
he takes a shot of epigen every 10 days to stimulate his bone marrow to make red blood cells
this hormone is made in the kidney
he takes a shot of growth hormone every day or he will whenever it gets approved by the insurance company to make sure he grows appropriately
he makes enough of his own growth hormone
his body becomes resistant to growth hormone so he needs more to keep his growth up
he use to take a blood pressure medicine called nifedipine or procardia three times a day for his blood pressure but he is off that now
he takes an antibiotic keflex or cephalexin to prevent a kidney infection since he has severe urine reflux that could damage his kidneys
he takes a strong salt solution called sodium chloride or nacl since his kidneys cant keep enough salt in his body
he takes sodium bicarbonate known as baking soda to keep his bicarb levels up
he takes a special prescription of calcium to maintain a normal calcium and phosphorus levels and vitamin d level

he has been on breast milk since he was born even though mom has to work every day during the week
this will be used as long as the milk supply holds up
breast milk works best for kids with kidney failure
its funny how a womans body knows how to make that milk just right
he is eating well for his age
he seems to me to be developmentally normal for his true age which right now is 9 months old

yes he looks like a normal baby
he is in kidney failure
he probably will start dialysis in a few weeks and will soon be put on the transplant list at cedars sinai in los angeles
waiting for a donor from this list may take up to 2 years
the longer one stays on dialysis the more damage can be done to the rest of the body
they would like to see him get a live donor instead
a live donated kidney can last twice as long as a donor from someone who has died
yes he can take an adult kidney if its not too big
hudson has to weigh 23 lbs to get his transplant
he weighs 18+ lbs now

when he does get transplanted he will be one of 68+-  kids under 4 years of age that get a live donor kidney transplant each year

his kidneys are slowly deteriorating
his bun which is a kidney function should be less than 15
his is 44
when it gets to 50 he will start dialysis until he is transplanted

he will have to have catheters placed in his belly
he will be in the hospital for a week or two
his parents and hopefully my wife she and i will learn how to do all that so he can have home dialysis

two things are going for hudson
he is healthy otherwise
he has such a sweet happy disposition

why is he going to washington
well in about two weeks look for him to be on the national news
he and his parents are going there
she his mom will talk at an event there
Hudson may be the representative sort of the poster child or face of chronic kidney disease
especially pediatric kidney disease

when the details of when this happens is known i will post it here and on facebook so that you can see cute little hudson in his little bowtie and suit

our goals in all of this are

1  to publicize hudsons case hoping for a live donor
since sometimes parents and family dont match up
he may need a non family member kidney
it helps to have several donors lined up so the best match is used
luckily for hudson he is a universal recipient being ab+

his grandparents are all too old
his dad is probably too big well not probably is too big
so that leaves his mom who is not tall
but its always possible that she wont match
plus they would like to save her for his transplant in his teenage years when he will probably have to have his next one
so they would like to hold her kidney in reserve for future use

once you get in the teenage and beyond years the wait for kidney donations start lengthening like to 8-11 years or longer
1 in 4 folks on the donor list die before they get a kidney

2  to find live kidney donors for other patients

3  to stimulate interest in live kidney donation and or other organ donations
since hudson is an infant he gets moved up on the donor list but it can still take up to 2 years
to get a kidney that way

4  to stimulate interest in chronic kidney failure or chronic kidney disease especially in kids

5  to stimulate interest in potential new kidney health care in the united states that may be soon proposed that will need bipartisan support

 here is hudsons facebook page

click on this link above

please share freely

for hudson
maybe for others waiting for a kidney transplant

please share this blog

the organicgreen doctor

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