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Thursday, July 25, 2019

mueller report revisited

90% of you have not read this report
i have read most of it
i find it disturbing
i watched all every bit of the mueller hearings yesterday
i formed my own opinion on the report based on having read most of the book and having watched all of the hearings yesterday

i tried to scrub away the politics yesterday which is hard to do
there were about two times when a democrat and a republican went off message and asked questions like we as a concerned citizen might ask
neither of them seemed scripted

my take
robert mueller is a jack friday no nonsense guy
yes he is 75
yes he was pressured some with his speech and struggled to find the right word
as someone who lives in the alzheimers world and knows whats normal for a 75 year old knows that nothing i saw yesterday seemed abnormal
despite what the news folks say on both sides of the issue
i suggest they go to the alzheimers website and read whats normal for someone over 65

i use to be worried when i couldnt find a word that was just right
now i know its normal for that to happen
it has nothing to do with your memory or your mental capability

he told them he wasnt going to say much that wasnt in his report
thats what he did
not say much

the hesistancy on starting his speech is not necessarily abnormal
it can be seen eg with early parkinsonism
none of this affects his mental capabilities

i found many of the news folks comments offensive to older folks
almost discriminatory

as i listened and watched
i thought what if all these representatives were independent thinkers and really asked what they wanted to ask and what they really wanted to know

so here is my take away

mueller thinks trump lied
we all even his supporters know he lied
mueller thinks trump obstructed justice
mueller thinks that he can be charged after he is no longer president and probably will be

winning the next election may actually keep trump out of jail since the statue of limits will be over in 5 years

there were an awful lot of trump folks that lied and went to jail or will go to jail
a lot of trump folks were talking to the russians

when this is all over both sides need to get together and change all of this so a presdent can be held accountable for wrong illegal doings

there is a remedy called impeachment but that will always and has been political not legal

there is no doubt that the russians interfered with our elections last time and as mueller said they are doing it now as we sit here
when you listen to how they duped us in the 2016 election especially on facebook and social media it should disturb all of us
even embarrass us

im sure as i think back to 2016 i clicked on some of the bot derived websites on social media
now i never click on any news items on facebook or any story thats not from a reputable source
i must add some of you that read this blog are clicking on some of them now
they show up on my page after you have shared them
they are from both sides of the spectrum
we all need to be diligent about what we read
this stuff is the real fake news

so when i scrub off all the bs from the politicians
the big thing thats left that really really bothers me
the interference in our elections the core of our democracy
the russians did a good job of it last time
here comes the chinese and the north koreans and probably iran

we need to do whatever it takes to make our elections safe and accurate
our democracy depends on it

im not sure how this became a partisan issue

the organicgreen doctor

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