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Monday, April 1, 2019

final four brackets

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ncaa.com final four bracket

this is the first year in a long time that i didnt print out the ncaa march madness brackets for both the womens and mens basketball brackets

for the womens brackets if i had done one i would have just penciled in baylor in as a winner
thats sort of what i did mentally and really didnt watch much of the games
its seems their games were like watching a high school team or college team playing a middle school team

to be fair they probably should just give the trophy to the baylor womens team
to be fair let the others battle for second place

i watched the baylor team play twice this year
i figured the season was over for everyone else
it appears i was right

now on the mens side
of course the tv folks like cbs and tnt and tbs all want duke and kentucky and north carolina and gonzaga to make it so their ratings would be high

now had i done my brackets i would have probably included three of those teams
i would have also included texas tech having watched them several times over the season

now my team the longhorns just fell apart at the end due to suspensions and injury
they did make it to the nit tournament and play tomorrow night in new york at msg in the quarterfinals
they seem to be on a roll now
they might have made it one game maybe in the ncaa tournament

texas tech im sure they loved beating texas and kansas this year
this team is not like most teams
they play defense
yes the old saying
defense wins games is true

i enjoyed watching them play during the tournament
charles barkley the predictor of games said the other day that if texas tech can hold gonzaga the number one team under 70 then texas tech will win
tech held them to 69
they won
they made it to the final four

tech doesnt have a bunch of 1 year players who have one foot in the nba
they have a lot of upper classmen that have developed under the coach while at tech
seem disciplined and well level headed when they play and play as a team

my favorite in the final four
of course
texas tech
i want them to win

my prediction
texas tech beats michigan state
virginia beats auburn sorry charles barkley i know auburn is your favorite team
the winner this year of this years mens final four march madness trophy
texas tech red raiders

i didnt need no brackets filled out did i this year

the organicgreen doctor

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