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because of this diagnosis i have opted to stop practicing medicine
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Monday, February 7, 2011

the game, steroid tests, shame on texas

christina missed some words but did ok
bunch of fans could not use paid for seats as
the fire marshall said no

the game itself was good
the commercials were good
its the only time i dvr them and watch them live and go
back and watch them again
half time show was good
how did they get all those people to dance together

poor ben is all beat up-serves him right huh
itll take him all off season to heal up
next year he may have to play 18 games instead of 12 games

theres a new sheriff in town
brett who
aaron did what he did not do win a mvp of super bowl
he is glad to have that monkey off his back
now he can go to disneyland

overall great game

so texas high schools do random steroid tests on its athletes
(usually doesnt mean the best players get tested)
they have done this for several years
they have had about 24 positive tests at a cost of $250000 per
positive test
now it is on the chopping block as there is a budget crisis here

sometimes you can just look at the ones that are using steroids
and can tell by looking for some of the changes that occur
use that as a screening test or would that be profiling

would recommend that if they want to do drug tests they should
test randomly all kids for the ones that are really destroying the
kids lives:
marijuana, benzodiazepines (xanax), stimulants (adderall, ritalin),
and hydrocodone (vicodin)

notice that 3 of those are prescription drugs

think that the cost per positive test would be very low and
surprising to a lot of schools and parents

shame on texas

top 10 football teams
top 10 basketball teams
top 10 baseball teams
top universities
compared to other states texass economy is doing ok

texas ranks at the bottom when it comes to providing health care
for kids and food for families of the working poor

they rank 50th in childrens access to affordable health care
they rank 48th in prevention and treatment of disease in children
they rank 29th in providing the potential for kids to live a healthy life
they rank 51st in terms of children 18 and under who are insured

instead of 'thank goodness for mississippi' when it comes to
healthy kids states can now say 'thank goodness for texas'
texas makes them look good

our children and our educational system are the key to our future

wonder if this will be in the state of the state speech this week
doubt it

the organicgreen doctor


  1. The problem is heavily weighted by political parties that are diametrically opposed to each other... one takes a stand and the other opposes it. One likes tacos, the other wants to ban them... doesn't matter what the issue, it's a stark angry opposition to everything.

    I don't want nationalized health care... but I do want health care for kids, senior citizens and I would like to see health care for folks with life-changing diseases.

    I'd like to see healthy people work... I'd like to see education make a difference and I aim that at politicians to fund it... and I'd like to see parents held accountable for their actions.

    Far too often, foster children that come through my home, were considered "accidents" by the parents and after their poor parenting, the state pulls them and another family(like mine) has to pick up the pieces and put a child (or baby) back together. Sometimes it's possible, other times, those poor kids are doomed to a life of anger and hate... often resulting in a one-way ticket to jail.

    Many folks will quickly shout "I know my rights!" but how often do people exclaim, "I know my responsibilities"

    Thanks Doc! Felt good to get that off my chest!


  2. That was a good game.

    Health care and education are nothing more than pawns in the game of politics. Politicians will blabber on and on about providing excellent coverage for both while trying to be elected to office but turn their backs on them when it gets to the nut cutting. What really sparks their attention is what big business and special interests want because that’s where the money is. There will always be funding for what they want i.e. tax breaks, relocation incentives etc. If you don’t believe that, try to go to the capitol to have a visit with your Senator or Representative, it aint gunna happen. You will however, see a steady stream of lobbyist flowing into and out of their offices. Follow the money. Whether we like it or not our government is run by people from the oil industry, insurance companies, labor unions, environmental groups and, the AMA along with other lobbies. You can take John Doe off the street and make him a politician, once he’s in office his main goal is reelection....That’s Where The Money Is.

  3. wxman
    pay now or pay later
    yall doing a good job with the kids
    they are thelucky ones

  4. rn
    both parties they are responsible for failure to
    finance childrens health care and education