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early mild cognitive impairment(mci) amnestic type on december 21, 2010
this is a precursor to alzheimers disease
because of this diagnosis i have opted to stop practicing medicine
this blog will be about my journey with this disease
please feel free to follow me along this path
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Tuesday, May 10, 2022



when i was practicing medicine i learned to not be judgmental
i saw patients from all kinds of different socioeconomic situations and
from different religions and different races and different countries

their approach to a medical situation was sometimes entirely different from mine
so it was with the issue of abortion

i had my own view of it which i will keep to myself

in training i chose not to preform abortions 
some of my fellow residents chose to do them

so i have never done an abortion

i had patients come to me for my help for unwanted pregnancies or a pregnancy with complications that threatened the mothers life and or the fetuses life
sometimes a fetus had abnormalities that were not compatible with life once they were born
some had abnormalities that caused them to die in utero

once case 
a patient discovered early in her pregnancy that she had breast cancer
her choice was abortion or no treatment for breast cancer and risk developing metastatic cancer or treatment and risk damage to the fetus
she chose treatment of her breast cancer 
she is a mulityear survivor
at term she had no hair
the child is heathy and now is in college
it might not have turned out that way but it did

my wife and i would probably opt for an abortion

i have heard of cases that mom held off treatment and died of metastatic cancer

if she had chosen abortion early in the pregnancy i would have supported her in that decision
the government doesnt need to be involved in her decision

with the new texas law that may be enacted if roe is canceled i could have gone to prison if i had referred her for an abortion

this is in a state where maternal health is rated low like in a third world country

i had a young mennonite couple who were having their third child
at the screenings early in the pregnancy the fetus was noted to be anencephalic
a condition not compatible with life after birth 
because of their religious beliefs they decided to carry the pregnancy to full term
i supported their decision
it was not the one my wife she and i would make 
the baby died a few minutes after it was born

i had a teenage muslim patient who came in with an early pregnancy
they were due to return back to their home country eventually

the mother brought her in to see me

i always told patients in this situation 
you have three choices

keep the pregnancy and keep the baby 
keep the pregnancy and give the baby up for adoption
terminate the pregnancy

i explained it was their choice based on their beliefs and their socioeconomic situation

this female if she returned to her country with an out of wed infant would be totally shunned by society and in some cases could be killed

the patient and her mother decided to have the pregnancy terminated

i was nonjudgmental and made sure they went to a place that was safe for her to have the procedure to be done

i had a young patient who was raped by her boyfriend and was pregnant
i met with her and her mother who decided to have the pregnancy terminated

again i was nonjudgmental and made sure she went to a safe facility 

i cant imagine being forced to carry a pregnancy to completion knowing that the mother could die or knowing that the fetus would die
the same would be for a raped women having to carry a pregnancy to term

this all seems draconian

i have worked with physicians who are antiabortion in their beliefs but when it comes to being in the room with a patient with a medical issue you have to be non judgmental and leave some of those beliefs at the door

have i ordered the morning after pill 
but i would have women use birth control pill such that it would do the same thing
i have no problem with using the morning after pill

have i ordered birth control pills
of course

have i placed iuds 

have i ordered an abortion pill 
would i 
yes if in the real early stages like under 8 weeks
over that time i would want a gynecologist to handle it

have i referred folks for invitro fertilizations
of course
i see those babies on facebook all the time
some are even having babies themselves now

to think there is a potential in the united states to not to practice medicine like i did above
and i could go to jail if i did
those patient also could go to jail

its definitely draconian

we could be going into some draconian times in our society that may go beyond womens health

thats scary

we cant let this happen

the organicgreen doctor

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