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Wednesday, January 20, 2021

amazing grace


    specrum news
we have lost 400,000 americans to covid 19
sadly we may lose another 100,000 over the next month
we many of us have not been able to mourn and didnt get to say goodbye to our loved ones

we as a nation have not been able to mourn

yesterday at the covid 19 memorial service we got to mourn
it was cathartic for many of us

there standing at the base of the washington reflection pool looking back at the washington monument

cardinal welton daniel gregory the archbishop of washinton spoke
vice president harris spoke briefly 
what broke the damn of tears for me and thousands of others

registered nurse lori marie key from the covid unit at st mary mercy hospital in livonia michigan who became known as the singing nurse in her covid unit
she sang the classic funeral song

amazing grace

this is when i lost it i cried all through her song
i didnt even try to stop the tears
i let them flow down my cheeks
thinking of those thousands of folks who have died from covid 19
many i knew
many you knew
some were your friends and family 
you didnt get to say goodbye
most left us way to soon

president biden talked briefly
the lights along the reflection pool 
all 400 of them
each representing 1,000 lost souls
were lit

the 400,000 flags were also shown on the national mall 
representing each person lost to covid 19

this is when i lost it again
american gospel singer yolanda adams sang 


the tears that had stopped just started to flow again

afterward the news commentators couldnt hardly talk because of the tears
one was an emergency room doctor who seemed to let her tears flow as she talked
she said she would get her kids to bed at night then go on a long run 
crying all the way as she ran

many of us who watched this cried yesterday
we needed it
its like when you cry at a funeral or after ones loved one die
it makes it easier to just let go

many of us let go yesterday

we as a nation needed this

now we can start healing together

here is the video of the ceremony
watch with a box of tissues

here is the link if unable to view video below

the organicgreen doctor

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