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early mild cognitive impairment(mci) amnestic type on december 21, 2010
this is a precursor to alzheimers disease
because of this diagnosis i have opted to stop practicing medicine
this blog will be about my journey with this disease
please feel free to follow me along this path
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Wednesday, January 6, 2021

covid 19-now i am worried


my goal in the next few weeks and months is to stay alive and not catch covid 19 until we can get our first covid 19 vaccine shot
it also includes a goal of forming a cocoon of protection around our grandson mr hudson who had a kidney transplant 6 months ago and is on immunosuppressant medication that lowers his immune system making him vulnerable to infection
mr hudson and my 80+year old mother in law are our two most vulnerable persons in our circle of contacts

my wife she and i probably cant get ours for 1-2 months
my mother in law probably cant get hers for another month
mr hudson cant get his probably until the last of the last group
we are at your mercy to be safe

here is how we protect ourselves to protect him

we always wear our masks anytime we go outside the condo
we wear our kn95 mask if we go to the store or pharmacy or to get gas etc
we wear our kn95 mask around mr hudson 24/7 if we are around him
we can give him covid 19 and other viruses
we have a limited number of contacts we are around
we are at their mercy to be safe and do the right thing to protect us my wife she and i and by doing that to protect mr hudson
we wash our hands anytime we come inside from somewhere
we use hand sanitizer frequently during the day and if we go to a store and anytime we enter the car or leave the car
we stay away from folks not in our immediate family
we dont do any get to gathers with anyone
i do go to my garden to volunteer and to garden in my garden
i am usually the only person for 4 hours on the 1 acre property 
it the gardening is what saves me
we absolutely dont travel

i have seen 3 doctors in the 3 weeks
all have had their covid shots
one i saw does a lot of surgery on older folks
he had the covid shot and is about due for his second one
when i checked in to see him ln his office it even had a machine you run your insurance card and id through to sanitize it after they have handled them
he also tests his employees several times a week for covid since he cares for a vulnerable population
last saturday i stuck a wire into my index finger while gardening and within a few hours it was infected
it looked like ets finger in that movie
i knew i might be developing a felon of the finger just google felon of the finger to see why i was worried about my finger

i found two doses of antibiotic that i knew would cover some of the germs in my finger and started them
the next morning i went to urgent care to be seen 
i was number 4 in line when they opened
behind me were about 25 people spread out over the parking lot and driveway 
most were coughing it seemed
i was the only person who was put on the well side of the large waiting room 
everyone else ie the other 25 were way over on the other side or were all outside scattered safely around the parking lot
when i left about an hour later the line had only gotten longer
no one was in the well side of the waiting room
the doctor i saw had gotten his covid shot two weeks ago 
i felt safe
i was worried about going to the urgent care but i couldnt find anyone who had any of the right antibiotics
i knew there was no way i was going to the emergency room
fyi i am better on antibiotics and pain meds and able to type as long as i dont use that index finger

my wife she and her mother did a long walk on saturday 
the walk took them by the hospital and she said there was a big old crowd and line around the emergency room

about two weeks ago we had icu capacity of 40+%
yesterday it was 0.1%
the last 3 days the numbers of covid 19 cases here has been the highest 3 days of the pandemic

just south of us in los angeles county the icu capacity is zero thats 0 or nada
they are rationing care

what does that mean
rationing care

now that rationing care is happening right now down there in los angeles

if they go to pick you up in the ambulance if the ambulance folks think you will die they are told to leave you there
if you need oxygen your oxygen level has to be less than 90% before they can give you oxygen
they are running out of oxygen 
how does that feel having a low oximeter saturation without oxygen
take a straw and put it in your mouth then pinch your nose then walk up a flight of stairs
only breathe through the straw 
now you know what it feels like to not get your oxygen when you need it

if they do agree to take you to the emergency room when you get there it may be several hours before they can unload you off the ambulance

when they are allowed to unload you off the ambulance it may be not into the emergency room but instead you may be unloaded into the waiting room or lobby or the gift shop 

if you need to be admitted
i say if you made it to the emergency room after all this you are definitely sick enough to be admitted

then if you are admitted you may not even make it out of the emergency room or hallway or waiting room or lobby or gift shop before you die
someone else has to die first before you can go to icu if you ever do
you might not even get oxygen at all since they are running  out of oxygen in the hospitals since so many people have to have oxygen
its being rationed

then a provider may have to look at you and the person next to you and have to decide which of you will die and which of you will live

every 6 seconds someone is getting covid 19 in los angeles
every 30 minutes someone is dying with covid 19 in los angeles according to one report i read
in the state the number is higher

this is not some story 
its what happening right now in los angeles

thanks to 
those of you who dont wear your masks and those who dont safe distance and wash their hands and avoid large groups
those of you who didnt avoid travel and did get togethers this thanksgiving

remember what we are seeing now is the result of thanksgiving
it hasnt even peaked yet
we have to worry about the christmas and new years surge that will make whats about to happen even worse for us here in california and elsewhere

it will get a lot worse this month into february 

sadly we will lose a lot of family and friends in the next few weeks
hopefully you wont have to look in the mirror seeing who helped cause all of this

the other thing thats causing this outbreak may be the new strains of the covid 19
it doesnt cause worse disease than the original covid 19 virus
its just so much more contagious maybe 70% more contagious

it seems these new strains are susceptible to the vaccines for now
my guess is it will be like the flu shot where each year the vaccine has to be changed to cover the most common strains of the covid 19 

this strain is also hitting kids harder than the original strain 
we may have to rethink our approach to kids ie schools daycares etc

remember most infections are caused from asymptomatic folks

there is hardly been any cases of other respiratory viruses in the us this year
things like the flu parainfluenza rsv in kids mycoplasma etc 
but the covid has spread like wildfire
this gives you an idea how contagious this covid 19 virus is
these new strains are even more contagious

there have been over 21 million cases of covid 19 in the us
experts think that number is more like 80 million cases
we have lost 347,000+ so far 
the number will climb over 500,000+ before we all get vaccinated

we have only vaccinated 4.8+ million so far
we have 17.1 million vaccines sitting on shelves that need to get into peoples arms

we need to fix this statistic
the  problem isnt enough vaccines its getting it into peoples arms

i say this needs to be a 24/7 seven days a week effort
its a battle and we need to treat it like its a war

there are a lot of people who will die because these vaccines arent being injected into folks arms

how do they mass vaccinate folks in third world countries

how does the military do it

lets get it done

lets save lives as soon as possible

be safe
wear a mask
wash your hands
dont socialize outside your small group
dont travel
get your vaccine when its time

the organicgreen doctor

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