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i am a family physician who was diagnosed with
early mild cognitive impairment(mci) amnestic type on december 21, 2010
this is a precursor to alzheimers disease
because of this diagnosis i have opted to stop practicing medicine
this blog will be about my journey with this disease
please feel free to follow me along this path
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Monday, September 9, 2019

darth vaper

Images of a E-pipe, E-cigar, large-size tank devices, medium-size tank devices, rechargeable e-cigarette, and a disposable e-cigarette.
cdc article on vaping in kids teens and young adults

for some reason those vaping gadgets are making people go to the dark side for sure
some have died from using them
they arent sure

how do you prevent vaping from causing you to fall ill and or die
its simple
dont vape

i started smoking when i was 18
i seemed to keep a cigarette in my hand whenever i was awake
i at one point got to the point i was smoking 2-3 packs a day

at that time you could smoke anywhere except the library
i would smoke in the car driving in the classroom in the break room at the hospital
it wasnt unusual to see doctors walking down the hall with a cigarette in their hand
keeping one in the ash tray at the nurses station

i and my wife she smoked at home school work traveling etc

in college we always lived off campus
we commuted usually together
we parked in a student parking lot but had to walk a ways to get to classes
the county we lived in was quite smoggy especially in the summer time
it was heavy enough that you could see it across the street sometimes
almost china like

i got to where i would wheeze and get short of breath walking to classes
my wife she and i decided ok lets smoke up all our cigarettes then stop it
thats what we did

i gradually got to where i could breath normal again

i am alive today 40 years later because i stopped smoking
my guess it would have been a heart attack that would have got me
maybe my alzheimers would have hit me years earlier
maybe a stroke
maybe i would have lost circulation in the arteries to my legs or arms
maybe i would have got kidney failure from a blocked kidney artery
lung cancer
copd or emphysema

i didnt cause i quit smoking 40 years earlier

it seems thats the solution to the vaping thing
vaping seems to be going the way of the tobacco smoking
it goes after young folks
hooks them
they keep smoking more
thats called addiction
nicotine is a very addictive drug

it seems like with tobacco that you are inhaling a lot of junk that cant be good for your lungs
why i read that some vapers have propylene glycol in them
thats antifreeze for those who dont know
if you watch murder mysteries you know thats the way people try to murder folks
it slowly kills them
they drink the stuff cause it taste good

another is an oil that gets vaporized
gets breathed into the lungs
when its in the lung it turns back to a liquid oil
coats the air sacs
you cant breathe you cant breathe

now i ordered medications for folks to inhale in their lungs to help them breathe
like steroids and other antiinflammatory meds and bronchodilators
it saved their lives

interesting is thats some of the same meds these vapers have to use
getting on a ventilator for awhile so their lungs can heal
those who dont heal die or becoming permanently a pulmonary cripple

nicotine and thc and cbd are whats being inhaled
it may be the ones bought off the street that has the bad stuff in it thats causing the problems

i know its not cool but you can get nicotine other ways like patches and chewing gum
you can get thc and cbd other ways like edibles or pills or capsules or ointments

ive tried vaping a couple of times with thc and cbd for sleep
it burned like i inhaled a flame of fire into my lungs
i thought to myself this cant be good for your lungs

when i would see a patient that inhaled gasoline
commonly it was a kid or someone who was siphoning gas from a car
they would inhale gasoline fumes into the lungs
cough and get short of breath
if you xrayed them you could see the outline of the smaller airways on xray where the inflammation and injury had occurred
it would take several days for this inflammation of the lungs to clear on the xrays

im sure this same picture appears with these vaping patients who get sick

i must say i felt cool smoking a cigarrette when i was a smoker
i sure those vapers feel the same way real cool like rad like
when it gets you that feeling isnt present as you sit on the stretcher not being able to breathe
thinking you will smother to death

i call them darth vapers
they can send you to the dark side

the organicgreen doctor

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