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Monday, February 17, 2020

beer brewing for your sewer system


RID-X Septic Tank Treatment Enzymes, 4 Month Supply Powder, 39.2oz

this article caught my eye this morning
as i read it i thought of all the craft beer brewing thats going on all over the country
what i wondered what do they do with their left over stuff from making the beer

this city of 10000 in montana uses the left over barley residue from the brewing of beer from a local brewery called the triple dog brewery
they dump a bucket of this barley residue down a large hole into the sewer system each morning
it flows out to where the sewer stuff sits and gets all the bad stuff we dump into the sewer out of the liquid thats left or as its called the water reclamation facility

the barley residue has lots of yeast and sugars and carbon that snatches up the nitrates and other chemicals that accumulate in those sewer ponds

this new beer sewer brewing method will be saving this small town close to a million dollars since they dont have to now build a new clean up the sewer water facility

i sort of understand this since we lived at the country n for about 17 years
we had a septic tank which we had checked out when we first moved in
for the next 17 years here is what we did
we never ever had an issue with our septic system

we always used rainwater for our house so that showers commodes sinks kitchen all used nothing but rainwater not well water
we never dumped any poison into our septic system knowing that doing so would kill on those good germs needed to make the septic tank work
we never had a garbage disposal
well we did have a garbage disposal it was called the chickens and the dogs
we ran our washing machine water to a grey water system that was used to water a few trees
yes they grew like crazy over the years we lived there
we were careful what detergents we used using those safe for septic systems
each month we put a bacteria mix like in the picture above we usually used rid x or something similar

i wonder if we could have dumped some of that beer brewery barley residue down the drain
i wonder if that septic tank would even be better having all that yeast and sugars added with those rid x bacteria

hopefully the lid wouldnt rise up off the tank like the yeast does with bread

i think about the breweries that popped up around the country n and wonder if that barley residue could be put to use in the surrounding countryside

what if we all treated our sewer lines with no poisons or chemicals down the drains like we did at the country n

the organicgreen doctor

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