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this is a precursor to alzheimers disease
because of this diagnosis i have opted to stop practicing medicine
this blog will be about my journey with this disease
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Tuesday, February 18, 2020

are your kids losing iq points

this is a picture of an organic apple
it will not lower your childs iq

the most vulnerable to poisons in our society are pregnant women and young rapidly growing infants and toddlers

the most vulnerable part of that growth is the brain

if it gets damaged during this rapid growth then there will be permanent damage leading to a lower iq

thats why women are advised to avoid alcohol and certain drugs and chemicals during pregnancy since when there is rapid brain growth the fetus is more vulnerable

women are advised to take folic acid or folate during their pregnancies since the folic acid is used in brain development at a high rate
if folic acid is lacking well the brain and nervous system gets effected

a pregnant female does everything right
alas there is stuff in the environment that can cause this reduced iq in their babies

things like pesticides that are found on a lot of our foods
eg strawberries and apples are two of the worst for contamination
usually organic ones are ok
you should see the crap that gets sprayed on our foods

as an aside here one of the  most least contaminant agri products is legal marijuana
note the word legal
one of their biggest issues is get sprayed by neighboring agriculture like grapes and avocados in this area

then there is flame retardant thats put on our furniture and our clothes and bedding and our car seats
now granted much of its use has been curtailed
that retardant contains pbdes known to lower your childs iq
even though most furniture doesnt use that stuff anymore sadly it stays in our environment
showing up like in this study ill link here and here in kids and pregnant womens urine samples
which means
it was in their brains first

lead and mercury use to be a big problem but it has lessened with new regulations
unless you live somewhere like flint michigan
those iq points lost in those kids in flint cant be gained back

just drinking uncontaminated water isnt good enough
this poisoning of our kids iqs may not be avoided since these things that lower the iq are out there in our water our soil our playgrounds our houses
this is a picture of what is under our sink
some of these have stuff in them i dont know what it is
maybe we shouldnt be using them

every time mr hudson comes to visit he makes a beeline for those doors under the sink
which are locked always
but when we use these things some of it rubs off on him

do we have a cesspool of contaminants harming our most vulnerable
our pregnant women and their babies

whats the answer
how do we avoid it

there may not be one
we may not be able to completely avoid them
some may be in our environment forever

the organicgreen doctor

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