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because of this diagnosis i have opted to stop practicing medicine
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Monday, October 24, 2011

ten years, fb 2 bb

its been a long ten years
my opinion was that we should never have been there in the
first place but should have focused all our attention on ben laden
and the taliban in afghanistan and got the job done there and then got
out of there
the afghanistan people through out history always win
theyll wait out whoever is invading them the taliban, russians, us etc
and eventually will win

the debate as to whether we should have ever gone into iraq will be
settled one day by the historians
i think history will show that we should not have gone there

but we committed ourselves so i think most americans supported the
troops once they got there though and most will be glad when we
are all gone from there

now we can focus out attention to afghanistan and our military
efforts back to where we should have been to get this job done

what a cost in american lives and cost to our economy these wars

we have several relatives and i have several friends and have several
former patients who have made this tour
i know that their families will be glad to have their kids back home

welcome home to all the troops
now maybe you can use your energies and knowledge to help fix
our economy
you may be our hope for the future
the get it done generation

thanks again

horns were off
hogs meet nutts team and he may get fired
wisconsin lost on a hell mary
the red raiders beat the sooners-all of texas is happy
one of the lsu-alabama duo will lose
les will figure out  a way to lose at least one
maybe more of his team will get jailed
then maybe no one will have a no lost season
thatll mess up that bcs stuff
maybe connecticut could be in the bcs championship

that cam newton is just fun to watch
he is going to be so good

then that tebow just has it it it
hope he does well
most of us are rooting for him

how about those cowboys
they looked good
dez was happy
sorry jones the running back you may have just lost your job

the spirit and the momentum flowed from jerrys stadium across the
parking lot to the arlington baseball stadium and was absorbed by
the rangers

that young un with the stache what a great job pitching last night
hopefully they can take their momentum through the rest of the
love the rangers coach
hes no stick in the mud guy

i love the fall for sports
the heck with the nba

the organicgreen doctor

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  1. The debate on whether or not we should have gone into Iraq will go on for years. I am personally very proud of how the American public have supported our troops for the last 10 years unlike what I saw when I returned from Vietnam. Back then people forgot that those returning were serving their country, risking their lives, not by choice but at the direction of our government. Veterans were not welcomed home, they were cursed and called names. Hopefully the support will continue until they all return home.