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Monday, October 31, 2011

olsen, 99%, football


scott olsen is a quiet young man who is an iraq war veteran
who works as a network engineer and lives in his san francisco
apartment with a friend.
he is a member of the iraq veterans against war and had planned
to walk in an occupy san francisco march but at the last minute
the group decided to go to the oakland march instead

he managed to survive his tours in iraq without injury
little did he know that night he while marching in a demonstration
he would sustain a critical injury from the oakland police during
their attempts to remove the protesters from downtown

allegedly he was hit in the head with a rubberised bullet from
police that hit him in the temporal area of the head causing
a skull fracture and bleeding in the brain
he ended up on a ventilator and later is unable to speak
but doctors say he should eventually make a full recovery

what is disturbing in videos shown on the internet and on the
news is that a policeman it appears purposely threw a blasting
smoke bomb at his feet as other marchers came to his aid
he was eventually hauled away by other marchers and taken
unconscious to the hospital in one of their cars

was this all necessary
was this a policeman acting independently
even in war sometimes the enemy is allowed to pick up its wounded

this all brings back bad memories of the 60s and 70s with the
civil rights marches and the antiwar marches that occurred

all this confrontation only spreads the flames for more violence to
occur with this movement when really its a peaceful movement if
you talk to the core group of people involved

(ive walked in one of the occupy austins marches and the majority
of the people there were like you and i)

it also will make the movement grow more hopefully in the right
direction so that some changes will occur that will make all of our
lives better

the civil rights movement made things better for many americans
of all races
the antiwar movement became eventually mainstream and most
americans began opposing the viet nam war and we eventually
ended the war
but not after it almost tore our country apart

hopefully this wont happen here with this movement
as it has so much potential to benefit us all

lets hope for a peaceful future but we do need some changes
lets start with our next elections and whether you are
democratic republican or independent vote and get involved
as voting and demonstrating for your causes is the american way

scott olsen just may be the new face of this movement
think he would want it to be a peaceful smiling face

the 99% includes all of us who make less than $950,000
i doubt that few people if any of the 1% read this blog
so most of my readers are in the 99% and are affected by
what is going on with the occupy movement and is seriously
affected by what is not happening in our politics in washington
and locally as well

we all do need to get involved this next year in our own
political parties to ensure that change really does occur

i am concerned that it will all continue as it is which could
make our future bleak for us and our children

get involved somewhere

horns won but kansas is not good this year
they will be tested in the rest of their games
hogs tried to lose
cowboys just sucked
those rangers broke texass heart
there may not be a next year

next weekend will be a good college football weekend
look forward to the alabama lsu game
this could have been the championship game if they werent
in the same conference

watch out for the goblins tonight
happy halloween

the organicgreen doctor


  1. The violence is unnecessary. I will be praying for Olsen and his family. I applaud him for standing up for what he believes in. I give humbled thanksgiving for serving his country. May he make a full recovery and may God bless him abundantly for all he had done and gone through.

  2. You must not have gotten arrested Sunday when several people in our area were. Thank heavens on many levels you went to see your brother. Hope it was a good trip. Hugs to all.