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early mild cognitive impairment(mci) amnestic type on december 21, 2010
this is a precursor to alzheimers disease
because of this diagnosis i have opted to stop practicing medicine
this blog will be about my journey with this disease
please feel free to follow me along this path
i will continue blogging on organic gardening, green living,
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Monday, October 10, 2011

occupy, football, wtea info

have been interested in the occupy wall street movement
it seems to be about the 99% of us who pay our fair share of taxes,
who work every day if we can find a job, those who have school
loans that have to be paid no matter what and those who have
those loans and cant get jobs, those who have been laid off, those
who cant get jobs, and those who have mortgages some that got
bundled up in the derivative mess that got us into this mess
that we are in

its obvious who has benefited from all of this
those big megabanks that are left, wall street, and large corporations
all are making huge profits and are not using any of the
money to produce jobs
we bailed them out now they need to bail us out

i think most of us are affected by this
school loans
kids who graduate and cant get jobs
late middle age parents laid off and cant get jobs
large corporations and wealthy americans that dont pay their
share of taxes (many corporations hide their money overseas and
pay none or little taxes on it-you and i cant do that)
and the most important
your kids and grandkids hope for the future is tied up in all of this

so i wandered down to the occupy austin rally on friday to just
observe and get a feel for what it was like
i feel that somewhere in this movement there are issues that
affects us all no matter our social standing, race, religion, politics,
and 99% of us regards our financial situation

there is a movement in there that could make a difference

i did not see any long haired hippy types (that looked like our
generation) or radical looking people (whatever they looks like)

there was a ut professor there who had given a talk on the history
of the financial systems at the big rally the day before

there were two grandparents there demonstrating with signs for
themselves and their grand kids and kids

there was a person who just graduated from college with a
double major who could not get a job using her degree so was
working at a local business to get by for now
the schools and state are not hiring much in her degree fields

there was a schoolteacher who was teaching at a local undeserved
area school that was hit by the layoffs last year

there was a retired military 80 year old there

there was an ex iraq veteran there who was having trouble getting a job

there was a retired professional person there because he realizes
how important this financial mess we are in is  and
that this movement could potentially provide the vehicle to
stimulate congress and the president to do something about this

such large scale movements can cause changes
see what the tea party movement has done to influence what
is happening in washington

the march that day was to the shaft of america branch nearby
it was peaceful
many students and people in business suits joined the march
many had transferred their accounts to credit unions or smaller
local banks
(i did that already two weeks ago and feel real good about it)

join me and watch this movement
if it goes in the right direction get involved
these things can make a difference

here are pictures of three people there
none of them are radicals
theyre all college graduates

hogs looked good
not sure aggies are gong to be ready for the sec
what a brutal schedule
horns looked young
the sooners look like national champions
it was like watching a college team play a high school team
next week the horns have to play okla state who are
probably as good as the sooners
lets see if the young horns can do better
good learning experience for next year

cowboys are off
they need the rest to heal physically and mentally
could be a long season for us cowboy fans and horn fans

for those walking in the austin walk to end alzheimers i will post
information on the walk in my friday blog


the organicgreen doctor

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  1. TOGD-
    Thanks for reporting on the occupy Wall Street protests happening in the Austin area. Glad to know that there is such a cross section of America, demographically and geographically involved.

    Speaking of bailouts, I asked my sister she who lives in Austin why your wife she climbed Mt. Trashmore (or whatever it is called in your parts) looking for the lost retainer, and well, you seemed to not be around for that part. My sister she's response, "GOOD QUESTION!" And so I ask it here.

    Hooray for the rain!!!!!!!