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Monday, July 9, 2018

should you breast feed your new baby

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as a father a grandfather an uncle a doctor
it was always comforting to see a new mom and her new baby bond together as one
a connection that us men dont get to experience

how can anyone not say that breast feeding isnt the thing thats best for babies

i think that almost all of us would say of course
we all know that no matter what the formula companies do they cant ever duplicate the womans breast milk
no matter how hard they try

95% of the women in the us are able to breast feed
in the us about 80% of women breast feed their babies in the beginning
some arent able to but most are able to

neonatologists in the neonatal units know that moms breast milk is the best thing to feed their premature babies
we as doctors all know that
you women as moms know that
you men as dads know that

then why doesnt our government say that

when i first started medical school i noticed at the various hospitals that each one had a formula of choice to give to moms
it was almost encouraged instead of breast feeding

each hospital would have a different formula of choice

thanks to the influence of yes you got it
big pharma
big formula companies

now these guys have a sordid history in the us and the world the way they have used their political influence all over the world to encourage women to use the formulas instead of breast feeding
some of the stories of babies with brain damage from using inadequate formulas are sad ones

by the time i got into my residency program the hospitals we all worked in changed the formula of choice to breast milk
generally over time the number of women who breast feed has increased

the american academy of pediatrics says breast feeding for all babies is recommended
the american academy of family physicians that i was a member of also recommends breast feeding

of the close to 300 babies i delivered all were encouraged to breast feed

now some women dont or arent able to continue to breast feed
things like physical illness or social situations
sometimes some women arent able to produce enough milk

thats where the use of formulas should be used
not pushed on women all over the world instead of breast feeding

breast fed babies live longer have less obesity are smarter grow better and are healthier
those things the human body makes for babies cant be made in some lab somewhere

so now
sometimes when our government does things wrong you should call them out on it
no matter who is in control at the time

so now
here comes the big pharma formula companies using its influence on our government
i think we all know how the system works
they give money to the right politicians to get their products pushed on the babies in the us
and now all over the world

the world health assembly tried to pass a resolution that called on all governments
to protect promote and support breast feeding

it almost failed
the us delegation failed to support this resolution
something that all moms know is true
all medical people who take care of babies support

the us even threatened to withdraw aid and to assess tariffs on those countries that were introducing the resolution

why did the us delegation oppose this resolution
the state department said it

placed unnecessary hurdles for mothers seeking to provide nutrition for their children

say what

it passed eventually 
thanks to the resolution introduced by 
it was russia

they werent afraid of the us

shame shame again 
on our us government for doing what we all know is wrong

the organicgreen doctor

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