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because of this diagnosis i have opted to stop practicing medicine
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Thursday, March 3, 2016

country n news-dont do it


thats what i said to the little ole lady
at the big box store
you know the one that matches donalds hair color

she said i dont know which one to buy
to put on my yard

well it was her lucky day now wasnt it
standing next to me as i was taking these zoomed up
pictures of the ingredients
in this weed and feed stuff

heck when i walked in the store
the greeter said good morning
i noticed this chemical odor
that seemed real strong
like when my wife she used to use all those bad chemicals
in the house

as i walked in
i noticed my eyes started burning
felt just a little wheezy
when i went outside in the garden section
it went away
back inside
theres that odor again
those itchy eyes that wheezy feeling deep in my chest
i realized that it was all that big old pile
of weed and feed
that folks were grabbing left and right putting it in
their buggy

i thought man
thats a lot of chemical $&!+ thats getting dumped on yards
in this area
theres a lot of those donald colored stores around here
plus walmart lowes hardware stores grocery stores etc
selling that stuff
we are in the middle of a total all out chemical war
on all those weeds
that dont harm anyone
that i let grow mostly since many of them my bees love
just mow them down like you do the grass
why do we want this perfect looking yard anyway
its crazy i think

so i zoomed down on the ingredients of the two

lets see atrazine
take some and put in your fish pond frog pond
if you have tadpoles
see what kind of deformities you see in your frogs
if they live

this is banned in europe and canada

lets see 2 4 d
sure seems familiar to me
ever heard of agent orange
that stuff that the us sprayed in viet nam
onto everyone under the  sprayer
including us troops
we are paying millions and millions of dollars to affected troops
and their relatives until they die for the damage it  causes
i have more than one relative receiving compensation
so is my wife shes family

so agent orange is a mixture of 2 4 5 t and 2 4 d

so i wonder why we are allowed to put this stuff on our yards
on our crops and food
didnt we learn our lesson

well some european countries canada and australia did learn something
its banned there

maybe we all should move to canada huh
well i see some are if the election doesnt go well
canada is going to fill up with either republicans or with democrats

i still cant believe that people who have kids actually put this stuff
on their yards

back to the little ole lady
shes said
i want to use this but last time i did it my dog got this big bad rash
i thought its from that orange stuff
its a good thing you dont have a kid

so i said
would you like a lecture
yes she said
so i gave her one right there in the store in front of everyone
its a wonder i didnt get chunked out of there
like a protester at a trump rally

so i took her outside where we could breathe
i notice she was turning a little blue
i took her to the organic fertilizer section
where the air was purer
looking for texas local brands like ladybug 8-2-4 or medina growin green
or gardenvilles organic fertilizer
none there
so i found her a non texas one

i started to give her the corn gluten talk but figured
i had told her enough for the day
i did help her load it into her car
telling her as i did
just mow those weeds down
its all green anyway

thats what i do here at the country n
my frogs all have 2 eyes and 4 legs
croak loud at night

does yours

join us for the habitat for humanity run/walk this sunday morning

at the southwest wilco regional park in leander cedar park round rock area
click here for more information

the organicgreen doctor

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  1. TOGD, two things, it is "Canada eh", and we all need a lecture on things that you can smell and irritate your lungs and eyes, that alone should be a strong signal to go the other direction.