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early mild cognitive impairment(mci) amnestic type on december 21, 2010
this is a precursor to alzheimers disease
because of this diagnosis i have opted to stop practicing medicine
this blog will be about my journey with this disease
please feel free to follow me along this path
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Thursday, June 6, 2024

my vehicles over the years


the first car i owned was this blue ford
my younger brother and i went 50/50 on it
we bought it from an old gentleman who hardly drove it
one foggy morning on my way to work a black angus bull walked in front of me destroying the front of the car
it cost him his life

i hadnt thought about this car until i saw this list of the worst cars to own
i looked at the top five 
ive owned some of those 
lexus and toyotas and accura
we now own two toyotas

i looked at the bottom 12
ive owned some of those
volkswagen chrysler chevrolet dodge ford
chrysler was ranked #1 worst for 2024 

after my 55 ford i bought a ford maverick
drove it two years
then a motorcycle for a year
then a ford falcon which i bought from a friends grandmother for very little and drove it for 6 years
then a ford pickup that was an old forest truck
i drove it for 4 years through medical school
then i bought a ford ranger pickup 
i called it my residency truck
i drove it for another 7 years
i willed it to a friend who used it for his ranch truck
later he traded it to a contractor for some driveway asphalt work on his ranch

my wife she owned a yellow volkswagen bug she owned when we got married
one cold snowy day in northwest arkansas she was driving slowly and a large truck which was racing with another truck hit her and my son head on on a hill
they both survived
my wife she had multiple body bruises and my son sustained multiple head lacerations and a broken arm
the car was demolished
it had been a reliable car up to that point

during medical school we bought a car for the family a chevrolet chevette
we called it the shove it
it was a badly made car
no more chevrolets after that one
next we bought a chevrolet nova which was really a toyota car
we drove it for several years and gave it to our son when he started driving
then we switched to a minivan either a chrysler or a dodge
nowadays we would have bought a toyota or honda van

it was after all that we only drove toyotas accura or lexus
one of our best cars was a toyota echo 
at one time i had one and my wife she had one
it got great gas mileage and never had any problems

later my wife she drove a toyota yaris which gets about 40 miles per gallon
we have owned it now for 15 years
i now drive it for my vehicle
it is a hatchback so i call it my truck

in the early 2000s i decided i needed a farm truck
i heard my friend was unloading a truck a ford f150 that his son drove but gave it up
i contacted him to see if he wanted to sell it to me
it had just been traded it in to a dealership in dallas
i called and they still had it
i flew up to dallas and bought the truck and drove it home

when we moved to santa barbara in 2017 i gave it to our friend for her farm truck
its still going strong even though its 25 years old
i must admit i severely abused it while i had it
it had scrapes dents bruises all over it
it was a true beat up farm truck
it was one of the best vehicles ive owned 

we also owned a toyota corolla which was wrecked
its a long story 
we replaced it with a new one 

so looking back 
my favorite vehicle was my ford falcon
although i enjoyed my old forest ford truck and my black ford f150

maybe my toyota yaris im driving now would be my newest favorite one even though its now 15 years old
it has handles to roll up the windows which my grandkids love a key a real key all the doors are manual and its a stick shift
i like a roll down window in case i run into a body of water
i can roll the window down and swim out without worrying like you do with an electric window
this yaris will probably be the last one i will own
so im enjoying it

so we have owned a variety of cars over the years
several were replaced due to car wrecks 
others just got too old

if i do have to buy another one for me i plan on getting an electric car or truck
but im hoping my yaris will last as long as i do

the organicgreen doctor

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