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because of this diagnosis i have opted to stop practicing medicine
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Wednesday, October 10, 2012

i lost it

i lost it
my billfold
what a pain that has turned out to be
im now on 8 hours of my time trying to notify everyone
and waiting on line and waiting in line

im still not through yet

so this morning i ran across an article about what not
to carry in my billfold

lets see how i did

your social security card or anything with it on it
kept it in my wallet for 30 years then realised that i shouldnt
be carrying that thing with me
so i took it out
problem is now i cant find it
so i have to order a new one and i notified social security
that it was lost

they recommend photocoping your card blacking out the
last four digits
sorry im not going to do that one

password cheat sheet
didnt have that one
its hid somewhere else
now where did i put that one at

spare keys
didnt have those
tried that once and they kept falling out

didnt have those or my pass code for atm in there

flunked that one
had my passport card in there

had to notify passport office online and have to
send it a form to their office
shouldnt have had that one in my billfold

multiple credit cards
guilty as charged
1 atm card 2 credit cards 1flex credit card
right now am credti card less and have being going cash
only this week
so this is how they use to do it years ago

was able to cancel all of those after a few hours on the
phone answering those questions that you cant remember
what you answered
like your favorite pet
my dog dug a hole under my water tank so hes not
my favorite pet anymore
i guessed wrong on one of the cards and
had to answer a whole lot of questions on things that i
didnt remember what i had answered before

birth certificate
now thats one thing i didnt have in my billfold
not sure i could have gotten that one in my trifold wallet

a stack of receipts
guilty as charged
had grocery store receipts walmart receipts big box receipts
gas purchase receipts pharmacy receipts
i had a real costanzo wallet
(if you are a seinfeld fan you know what i mean)
it hurt to just sit down on it
seems a smart id thiefer can use those numbers and figure it
all out online

my score
3 of 8 things i had in my billfold i shouldnt have

then there was an article on six things to keep in your billfold

basic contact information
did not have this
recommended info is basic contact info with phone numbers
with next of kin with emergency contact information

business cards
had a bunch of those but not mine
dont carry any now that im retired
maybe ill get some organicgreendoctor cards

never ever do i have cash
they recommend carrying at least $25
if i did that my wife she would just borrow it from me

only carry those cards you regularly use
and store all the others
that also includes all those department store cards etc

a government id card like a drivers license is good to carry
no reward cards or loyality cards
guilty as charged

insurance cards
carry your dental health care cards with you
if you have a medicare card its recommend you copy it
and mark all but he last four digits since the social security
number is used on the card

if you lose your bill fold:

take time off from work because you will spend some time
getting everything replaced

file a police report
sometimes it can be done over the phone
i had to go to sheriffs office and file it     time 1 hour

notify your bank
theyll need the police report and case number
its recommended to close your accounts and move your funds
to the new accounts
ask the bank to notify the major check verification companies
cancel your atm card and get a new pin number

have done most of these
it takes a week to get the new card
i have to take it to the bank to activate it and get a pin number
i also will have limited use of my online banking for awhle
time spent so far with more time coming
2 hours

cancel all credit cards
did that and have new ones on the way
new limits are placed on the ability to use the cards in person
and online
monitor your accounts online daily for awhile
time spent 2 hours

notify at least one of the three major credit reporting agencies
and they will notify the other two
i have a 3 month fraud alert placed on mine
i was able to do this online which took about 15 minutes
but still have to send it a written form

a few weeks later contact the credit agency to review your report
thiefs send credit card info online in minutes across the world
big box cards may be used 1-2 weeks later when you let your
guard down

i still have to go to the social security office to do a form for
a new card

i have to fill out a lost passport form

i had to report the loss of id to the ftc
and the social security administration online

i tried to contact my health insurance provider but was
on hold for 45 minutes
thanks bcbs for giving me time to wash my dishes and do
my prep for supper before i hung up on you

i also have to contact triple a since that card was in there

ok so ive learned my lesson
ill copy all my stuff and place it in a safe place somewhere
but where did i put it could be a problem

the organicgreen doctor

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