welcome to the organic green doctor blog

i am a family physician who was diagnosed with
early mild cognitive impairment(mci) amnestic type on december 21, 2010
this is a precursor to alzheimers disease
because of this diagnosis i have opted to stop practicing medicine
this blog will be about my journey with this disease
please feel free to follow me along this path
i will continue blogging on organic gardening, green living,
solar power, rainwater collection, and healthy living
i will blog on these plus other things noted to be interesting

Thursday, January 3, 2013

i resolve that...


if governor christie of new jersey runs for president
in 2016 i would consider voting for him
a politician who can think for himself is a rarity
he knows how to kick a$$

to do what i can to slow down the progression of
alzheimers in myself and in others by following my
i resolves

to continue this blog because every day i reach a new
person or persons i can educate about alzheimers and
organic living and healthy living

to continue working with the walks to end alzheimers to
raise funds to be used for education and research

to continue volunteering as we all should be doing
starting in childhood as its important to develop the desire
and need to volunteer
i will continue to work at habitat for humanity home builds
and to continue to do meals on wheels deliveries

continue exercising working around the country n and
hiking and walking every day

continue eating correctly as we should all be doing
the mediterranean diet is the answer
veggies olive oil fish lean meat fruits and nuts
limited alcohol intake

continue drinking red wine every day
continue drinking caffeine every day
both make you live longer and may help slow the
onset of alzheimers

stay happy every day
this may be the secret of longevity
staying happy

maintain contact with family and not lose that part of
my life

to continue to eat sweets every day
sorry but i do so well with everything else i need to have
something i do that you shouldnt do

to relax as much as possible
those noon siestas sure help

to keep my wife she happy
as one day she will have total control over me and
i dont want to pi$$ her off

to continue to be a good house husband
except on weekends since i get those days off

to speed up my projects here at the country n
cleaning out my trashed barn storage area
rebuild my barn
finish all my organic garden upgrading
finish all my fencing and rock work
as i know that time may be soon running out to get
those done

to travel but not as much as we did last year
we sure like to stay home here at the country n

to lose 5 lbs
retirement will add those on you if you are not careful

finally to do what i can my small part in making this world
a better place for you and me

the organicgreen doctor

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