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because of this diagnosis i have opted to stop practicing medicine
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Wednesday, April 3, 2013

lets tax it



yes its time we make it legal so we can tax it
then maybe we wont have to tax the rich so much

lets tax marijuana
lets make it legal
im not talking about medical marijuana which really is a joke
its just a way to make it available to anyone who wants
to use it
medical marijuana
wink wink
a way around the rules

lets take our head out of the sand
its readily available now
just ask your kids if you want to know how readily available it its

i also thought a lot about the drug testing for steroids in high school
that really made no sense at all
they should have been doing drug tests for illegal drugs on the players
they would have been surprised by the number of positive tests
of course many of the texas high school football teams could be
adversely affected

yes sometimes we dont really do what makes sense
catch a kid on illegal drugs and you may be able to alter his future
there just werent many if any kids caught in the steroid drug testing

money not well spent

the legal system should treat marijuana use in kids just like a minor in
possession of alcohol
quit ruining some of these kids lives with our stringent laws

the kids are smoking the weed
college students are
adults are

we tax alcohol
lets tax the weed

the state of texas would make millions of dollars in tax revenue from
the taxes on marijuana
money we could use here maybe for schools or health care for women
and children
or for drug and alcohol rehabilitation

smoking marijuana is not going away
it never will
just like alcohol is not going away
it never will

lets take some of the profit from the drug dealers and cartels
and shift it to our governments pockets
spend less on the legal system handling the pot cases
that makes kids part of a system that can destroy their lives

remember they will be smoking it like they will be drinking alcohol
by taxing it and making it legal we hopefully can control the
effect that criminalization of its use has made on peoples lives

i dont smoke marijuana and never was a user
i drink alcohol but in moderation
if someone wants to smoke the weed in moderation it doesnt bother me
dont over use it like alcohol or it also can destroy your lives

i watch the hbo show boardwalk empire about the illegal alcohol trade
during prohibition and hear stories from kinfolk from the south who
had relatives who made and sold moonshine
now all that has gone away

would that happen with marijuana

but lets tax it and regulate it and spend our tax money
on some other criminal element like rape robbery murder hard drugs

the organicgreen doctor

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