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early mild cognitive impairment(mci) amnestic type on december 21, 2010
this is a precursor to alzheimers disease
because of this diagnosis i have opted to stop practicing medicine
this blog will be about my journey with this disease
please feel free to follow me along this path
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Friday, May 10, 2013

wish we had that


those of you who follow my blog everyday will recognize
that my blog was posted late today
ok a few hours late

my wife she and i love living at the country n
we feel peacefully isolated here
nearest neighbors 1/2 mile away
the river a quarter of a mile away
wildlife and birds everywhere
heck we sometimes just dont want to go anywhere because
its so nice to live here
some people drive and travel to stay at a peaceful place like this

but sometimes there are drawbacks
today since we cant get real fast speed internet service ive been
fighting our internet now for a couple hours trying to get this
blog done

weve tired regular ole dial up
at first when we first moved here that worked real well
then over the last 12 years as the internet progressed that
would not work well if at all anymore
heck we couldnt even get them to help with the phone line when
it would malfunction
so after several attempts to get my land line working
with the promise of no service available to make it work
heck the guy that came out always blamed it on field mice
who set up a nest every spring in the control box out front
bet he told everyone that

so i decided to fix it myself
i simply canceled the land line and converted the number to an
old cell phone we had to use as our home phone
its used mainly to catch calls from those we dont want to talk to
you know like political parties robo calls things like that

weve tried the land line service initially that sucked big time
so we changed to a satellite service called wildblue which
actually worked well when it worked
but  a storm coming through like last night would knock out
the service
if you got close to your data limit they would start slowing
down your internet speed
so frustrating
we canceled the service after a couple years

they left this big dish on our roof that i had to take down
when i did that i was so impressed with the guy who put it up
how in the heck did he get that up there all by himself

i took it down
man it was heavy and it was held down by these heavy concrete

i recycled all of it by setting the big antenna on the side of the
road here at the countyry n and after a couple of days it
im always amazed at what people will take off the curb

the concrete blocks i used to build my wife shes garden at her school
yes i try to recycle everything just ask the people at habitat
for humanity

next we switched over to verizon jet pack 4g lte service
i know what 4g is and never quite understood what lte service is
we were told
oh yeah theres a new tower near where you live that has 4g service
forgot to ask how near was near

have you ever seen a light that flitters off and on all the time
we have one here on our front porch that will make you
dizzy as heck if you sit and watch it too long

well thats what our internet service is like
a flittering light
so that we fluctuate between 3g and 4g and no g
usually that happens just as i start to write or post my blog
like this morning
heck that lte lettering probably goes to xyz on our service

like living out here at the country n there are trade offs you just
have to accept
bringing home a car on empty like my wife she does a lot
if shes used up my gas can gas already from the last time
then what she does is take my car instead or even worse take
my old beat up black pickup truck thats used up a few of
its nine lives
then theres the time when you go to the store and come home
and start to cook something and you go oh darn it i
forgot the sugar or the salt or the pepper or the chicken etc
you adjust the menu or cook something else
my wife she recently forgot no that was me some of the
ingredients for her cornbread so she just made up a new one
and well it actually tasted good even though it was a little
on the flat side
friends sometimes say oh thats too far to drive why dont
you just come into town to see us
that doesnt make sense does it
we also dont get any of those solicitors here
they never get past our dogs at the front gate

so when you write out the pros and the cons
the pros have it for living out here at the country n

even though
we will continue to have to deal with this slow internet speed
at times and hope there will be more times when it really is
fast speed internet service

i know that google fiber is coming to austin promising a 100x
increase in speed to that town
a 100x increase here at the country n will get us up to
where you guys are now in town
well stay where we are now
as we are happy and content here

the organicgreen doctor

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  1. I know what you mean about the benefits out weighing the small convenience of living in the country. Sitting on the porch, having my morning coffee while hearing nothing but the breeze, a bird waking up or the coyotes calling out is fantastic. We always make do with what’s available if we forget to get something at the store. It’s 7 miles to the closest gas station/stop & rob store and 22 miles to the closest HEB & Wal-Mart for groceries. There is a Brookshire Brothers grocery in Salado but their prices are higher.
    The land line phone service was so bad here we canceled it and went to nothing but cellular phones. The only two companies whose service we get here are AT&T and Verizon. We tried the satellite internet and that was pretty good but service was with someone in India or who knows where, who spoke almost English, and was horrible at best. We changed over to Western Broad band out of Leander and love their service. There’s a small antenna on the roof that shoots over to a tower near by. Bad weather does sometimes affect it but not like the satellite service. Service cost me $52 a month. The great thing is that if you need service you talk to a buy in Leander who talks Texan. I looked on their web site and they cover your area too. Here’s a link to their site if you ever think you might need to try them. http://www.westernbroadband.com/