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early mild cognitive impairment(mci) amnestic type on december 21, 2010
this is a precursor to alzheimers disease
because of this diagnosis i have opted to stop practicing medicine
this blog will be about my journey with this disease
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Thursday, May 8, 2014

more mailbox stories

we pay for the sins of our youth sometimes
when i was growing up we and i wont mention any names
to protect those folks
you know who you are

but i will admit involvement in what happened
im sure the statue of limitations for conviction has passed

we were known to have thrown rocks at
baseball batted like a home run swing
2x4 slammed
sorry to say shot gun or pistol or rifled

now since we moved to the rural area i have been
paid back multiple times for our youthful sins

first when we moved in
it should have been a sign
there were several holes in my mailbox that
appeared to be from a gunshot wound
there were several dents in the side of it
it was a functional mailbox still so i used it
figuring that a new one would just get damaged

eventually i found this old beat up mailbox
way over our rock wall in a mangled heap of metal

yes i recycled it since it was all metal
staying green even in adversity

i went to a big box store and found the cheapest one i
could find
and put it back on the post on the side of the highway

since that one ive lost 4 of them
some from vandalism or should i say probably
youthful indiscretion
the others from a full blown attack from trucks not quite
making the curve where we live

i recently read an article about people removing mail from
mailboxes in the austin area
getting information and checks used to commit fraud

my neighbor called me once
say a lady in a white car is getting your mail
called the cops and they were on their trail
but they got away

so i went back to the box store
bought me a lock up box
im sure they could break into it
but at least if they did i would know

an old guy missed that curve again
i heard it when he hit the mailbox
it sounded like a bomb went off
that box and pole went flying for a long distance
down the road

the road crew came by later and put up a new pole
one that is breakaway
they knock it down and you just stick it back in the ground
they said no big old lockup mailbox is allowed
i went back and bought this cheap plastic mailbox
that they put up for me
after a few weeks i replaced it with this bigger lockup

i sure felt secure having that mail all locked up inside there
there has been no evidence that it has ever been
tapered with

i could see the tire tracks leading up to the
then there was that breakaway post and this mangled
mail box laying several yards away

this time
i removed the mangled mailbox
yes i recycled it
put back the breakaway post
got a new mailbox
yes a lockable one

now im just waiting until someone else misses that curve
which i notice always seems to happen at night
after midnight

maybe i should just put my mailbox up on this rock wall
like this
so that they cant reach it

its funny when i think about all this
i never get mad about all those mailboxes
im resolved that
its my payback for my youthful indiscretions

now when i was growing up yes we did things to mailboxes
and signs
but we never ever would consider stealing someones mail

my how times have changed

the organicgreen doctor

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