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this is a precursor to alzheimers disease
because of this diagnosis i have opted to stop practicing medicine
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Thursday, November 6, 2014

arbor day


i thought arbor day was arbor day
in april sometimes
then i got a message about arbor day in texas
yea you know since texas thinks its an independent
they had to have their own arbor day

its not the same day in a lot of states
arkansas its the third monday in march
california its march 7-14
utah its the last friday in april
colorado its the third friday in april
and on it goes from state to state

in texas its the first friday in november
huh thats tomorrow
i am writing about it today since tomorrow is
alzheimers day on this blog
thats every friday here

so i am glad that arbor day is in november here
in texas
since this time of the year is the best time to plant
trees in texas

it allows the winter time for the root systems to grow
and allows the trees to get established before that
onslaught of our harsh dry hot summers
the death blow for a lot of trees around here

i have written recently about how to plant a tree
when i blogged about helping my friend plant his
humongous monterrey or mexican white oak tree
a back breaking event

so i went to www.arborday.org
the website for the arbor day foundation
found the texas site
again thank you arbor day for making this friday in november
texas day

i looked at the 10 trees they would send to you if you
opened a donation with them

thats a burr oak
planted 14 years ago
it will eventually cover all
the front yard

in the 10 oak selections
dont plant around here trees are red oaks pin oaks
scarlet oaks willow oaks
the only one that is a good one is the burr oak
remember we have oak wilt here and it wipes out
red oaks and live oaks

in the 10 tree selection the only one that i would plant
would be the redbud knowing though it would be gone in
15 years

that burr oak the only one i would plant of the group
will last forever

plus these things come as a little slither of a plant
like a twig stretched out long and thin
real fragile

once i ordered some cedars from the texas forest folks
i got about 20 of them little toothpicks
put them in  the ground 10+ years ago as a border in
my front pasture
now they are about 4 ft +- tall
wish now i would have just planted a plant from a pot
and got it all over with

now im glad the arbor day folks are encouraging folks to plant
since we need them to suck all that extra co2 out of the
that some folks dont think is a problem
whatever is what i say

best tree choices in this area are
burr oak-got two of these
uh by the way these guys get real real big one day
monterrey or mexican white oak-got 6 of these
cedar elm-got probably 20+ of these
they seem to plant themselves

all are native here
all are disease free
all are drought tolerant
in fact i never water mine
they will outlast you and your kids and their kids

so my recommendation is to make a donation to
the arbor day foundation at www.arborday.org
if  they send you 10 trees
pick the 10 oak trees
chunk all of them but the two burr oaks
pot them up in a pot
and dont be in a hurry to put them in the ground
you have plenty of time to do that
a few years in fact

now i have planted about 20 trees on my 1 acre lot where my
house sits
most are oaks
not counting those cedar trees in the pastures

three things i have noticed are
there are a ton more birds and animal life around here now
my house stays much cooler in the summer
when i take a deep deep breath it just seems the air
is cleaner and more crisp
is that my imagination
plant a tree today

the organicgreen doctor

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