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because of this diagnosis i have opted to stop practicing medicine
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Thursday, May 7, 2015

country n news

what did you learn
theres your sign

thats two things my wife she said
smiling while gloating i think
i sustained my first bee sting from the
country n bees

all i could think was
what the heck
did they give me africanized bees or what
rule number one
they said in my bee class
wear your bee suit when you mess with your bees
break that rule
heres what can happen to you

now i had been out there several times already
we seemed like good buddies
my bees and i

straight flight
no buzzing
zoomed right in
right on the lip

oh my goodness
that hurt so bad
i swung up hard to swat her away
the protector bees are all female like the worker bees are
the males are just sperm producers
the queen is an egg producer

as i swung i hit my glasses
off they flew
now i cant see nothing without my glasses
legally blind i am without them

i found my glasses
put them on
my oh my that hurts so bad
i was blurry eyed
all i could think was am i having an anaphylactic reaction
to a bee sting
is that the way im going to leave this world
taken down by a little oh bee

as im walking i realize that one of my lenses is missing
i broke the screw on my glasses

ill never find my lens
its probably several yards somewhere in the grass
i had took a quick fast hard swing at that
marauder who was pretty well stuck on my upper lip

i wonder does it count when you yell and cuss real loud
no one hears you
is it like a tree falling in a forest with no one around
so that makes it ok right

as i was staggering around with the pain
wondering if my face had all swelled up yet
wondering if my shortness of breath was from the sting
venom traveling through my blood stream
was it just the pain and excitement
excitement i can do without you know
down i looked
there was my tinted lens laying in the grass
having changed a dark dark color
thank goodness
into the house i went
looked in the mirror real close at the attack site
wow i said
that lips swollen real big
whats that black thing sticking in there

well it was the stinger
you see the bee protector sacrifices her self
she stings you in the face
the stinger breaks off
the stinger continues to contract and inject venom
into the sting site
ie my lip
until you pull it out

now several minutes have gone by with that thing
in there
i look for my tweezers
of course my wife she has misplaced them
i reach with my fingernails
luckily for me i had not trimmed them recently
removed that black thing still working itself
an automatic syringe

into my mouth went an antihistamine
just in case
of course i thought
wonder if i still have that epi pen

as the days went by the swelling went down

learned my lesson i did

so heres the proper attire for handling your bees
the organicgreen doctor
do solemnly swear to always wear my bee suit
when i mess with my bees

the organicgreen doctor

1 comment:

  1. On the bright side.
    There are 2 bright sides.
    1st one is that the Chumash Indians went out of their way to be stung once a year, it's good for your immunity!
    2nd bright side is that Kim Kardashian, and any other women that have spent thousands of dollars to get their lips as plump as yours. They'll all be green with envy, of you organicgreendoctor :)))