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early mild cognitive impairment(mci) amnestic type on december 21, 2010
this is a precursor to alzheimers disease
because of this diagnosis i have opted to stop practicing medicine
this blog will be about my journey with this disease
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Thursday, February 9, 2012

more half time, habitat follow up

struck a nerve there with my blog on the half time show
thanks for the comments sent via email, comments on this blog,
facebook and twitter

the good thing about doing a blog is that its yours and you can
give your opinion on topics or in this case events

i realize that the people who read this blog live in most of the states
in the united states and several foreign countries
so they will all never agree with my opinions
there is great diversity  in religious views, political views, social views
and obvious musical views

i always try to stay away from the political and religious views as
not to offend many of the readers of this blog
well sometimes my views slip through some its hard not to

i respect other opinions but dont have to agree with them

some of my best friends have opposite views on these things
above but we still get along

i have gone back and watched the madonna half time show several
times as i had dvred it
i still stand by my original assessment
she has a  beautiful voice when you can hear it
she is a good choreographer which showed on this half time show
she seemed pensive and stiff and not flexible-maybe she has a ham string
pull or a high ankle strain or just plain ole rheumatism
she did stumble once
she is over 50 and yes its amazing that she can do all of this
and that she is in great shape for her age
but she has to be viewed like someone whos 25 years old as she
was on the greatest stage where the greatest numbers were watching
ive always liked madonna and her independent spirit
i was expecting more from her that night

she was responsible for the whole show though
the middle finger and the four letter word that was said was her
it cast a shadow on the half time show no mater how good the show was

those two things the middle finger and the 4 letter word dont offend me
i have been known to use both before

but its not acceptable to do this at the half time show of the super bowl

its on her

they need a half time show that appeals to the under 40 age group
i realize thats what madonna was trying to do
in my opinion she almost pulled it off

in the state of texas football is god
to have a football stadium full of fans especially the revered cotton bowl
at the texas state fair come to not watch the game but the half time show
then have them mostly all leave after the bands perform

now thats amazing

those bands are the best bands ive ever seen
and ive watched a lot of bands good ones play at half time
but to watch these two bands and watch the choreography and the
precision and the quality of music
that was and is appreciated by those fans and fans across the us
and the world
now thats amazing

i would not travel and pay to watch madonna do this half time show
or to do a concert
i would travel and pay to watch the grambling/prairie view am bands
compete and preform at half time or in a show

just sayin

am developing a respect for construction workers
they work in all kind of weather
dang it was cold yesterday

am also impressed with the skill and knowledge of some of the

the group i was with put up the hardie board siding yesterday
have always wanted to do this and plan to one day do this
to my old barn

next the doors and windows will be placed
am looking forward to this as
ive never seen it done live before just on this old house

also the roof will be completed to get ready for the roofing
dont plan on helping with that as i dont want to be
on the ladder guy list

the organicgreen doctor


  1. Hi Doc, Have to agree with you on the halftime show! Grambling/Prairie View A&M do put on a great show. As to the working conditions for construction workers, what I miss the least is working in the cold and having to use porta potties.

  2. I feel the need to comment on Madonna. I did not see the halftime show, and so this is more of a comment on her as a human being. Maybe I shouldn't be commenting because her behavior did not affect me personally, but from what I heard it speaks volumes. My neutral opinion of her has plunged deep into the "not a fan at all". I'll go to the marching band event in a heart beat.

    I was at the Toronto Film Festival and Madonna's movie, "W.E." which she directed, was premiering in North America. They always have a big press conference at the festival to promote the movie. There are thousands of volunteers who work hard and share their wisdom, Canadian grace and welcoming attitudes to make things run smoothly. Madonna and her people asked that all the volunteers turn their backs while Madonna walked into the press conference. I guess she didn't want any "lowly volunteers/normal people" to get a glance. Then I read that Indianapolis didn't have a hotel "good enough" for her so she would be staying in Chicago.

    I can't help but think that we all put pants on one leg at a time and it's important to not forget that. I think Madonna has. So no matter how good her performance was, I have a hard time respecting her.

    Just one person's humble opinion.

    1. chgoamy
      thanks for the comments and the opinions
      well at least she chose a good town huh
      my wife she still doesnt agree with me
      opposites attract they say