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Tuesday, May 1, 2012



yes bernie did it
he couldnt take it anymore

the movie about bernie  (jack black) who was loved by all
the people in town
killed the old lady (shirley macclaine) whom everyone hated
the prosecutor (matthew macconaughey) moved the trial away from
carthage texas as he felt that the carthage jury would let bernie off

no its not a made up story
its a true story

bernie was filmed in austin bastrop and carthage texas
some in carthage did not want the movie made
didnt want the town made fun of
heres a link to series of articles on the east texas view of
the bernie story

here is the link to a texas monthly article on the bernie story
in a q&a with the writer skip hollandsworth

the big concern was that the story of a murder was made into
a dark comedy

well i watched the movie several weeks ago at a showing to
raise money for the devastating worse texas ever fire in
bastrop texas
several of the locations that were filmed in the bastrop area
burned during the fire as well as the director richard linklaters

the murder story made as a dark comedy made this a better movie
laughter helps us deal with dark things sometimes

jack black has done his best performance of acting ever in this movie
maybe an academy nomination

i interviewed someone who worked on the movie
(ok it was my rainwater tank nephew who didnt fall into my
tank going after that limestone rock in one of my tanks)

the scenes he enjoyed the most were making the musical scenes with
jack black
the ones in the church in the mortuary and in the plays
we only see a few minutes of them but he got to see jack black and
the other singers go on for several minutes and do multiple retakes
he was impressed

the non star actors he liked the best were the people of carthage
that were just being themselves

what was jack black like to work with
he was his favorite actor ever
he is just as nice on the set as off the set
he is like a normal person just a funny one

how did it feel to be in the movie
it was exciting
he was one of the dead teenagers in one of the scenes
jack black poked him in the stomach and made him laugh
his car was in the scene but it was cut in the final editing

one bad thing was this was an internship and he didnt get paid for
working on the movie
but it has lead to several jobs on movies tv shows and commercials

he did get paid for his scene as a dead teenager

there was nothing bad about making the movie except
some of the people were suspicious of the movie and were upset
that it was made into a dark comedy

(after seeing the movie the director did good using the dark comedy
method to make this movie)

the carthage people who have seen the movie for the most part have
liked it

so if you like jack black youll like this movie
i plan to see it again and plan on buying the dvd when it comes out

its first weekend its the most successful independent film of the last year
see this link

if you are from the south and especially from texas youll enjoy it
some of the lines you wont catch if you are not a southerner
but yes those yankees should like this movie also

worth the price of admission

the organicgreen doctor

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  1. Years ago, at the old Texas Prison Museum in Huntsville, I saw a videotape of the actual Bernie, who was then in a Texas prison somewhere. He seemed like quite a character.
    I look forward to seeing this movie. Thank you for all the information about it!