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early mild cognitive impairment(mci) amnestic type on december 21, 2010
this is a precursor to alzheimers disease
because of this diagnosis i have opted to stop practicing medicine
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please feel free to follow me along this path
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Thursday, June 7, 2012

abbie repost

below is a blog that i did recently on a patient of mine
that seems to have struck the hearts of a lot of readers
it was read by more people in a day then any other post
of mine except of course the last day thanks blog

here is abbie

this blog of more than 500 blogs  ive written
is one of my best stories i think that ive written about
its also one that has made me cry several times as i wrote it

abbie is a special person
she is a 11 year old 5th grade dynamo
if i could choose a daughter or granddaughter
i would want abbie to be her

watch this video
then go below and read abbies story
youll be inspired
i know i always was and still am

abbie was my patient for several years before i retired
i always enjoyed seeing her
she was such a normal kiddo
she was smart smiley bright happy obviously intelligent
healthy and
seemed well liked by her friends and her siblings
she i will admit was one of my favorite kids to see even though
i rarely saw her because she was so healthy

abbie has been the typically active kid
playing multiple sports such as soccer swimming tball track and field
and dance
she regularly bicycles and swims
well she does what all other kids her age do

her favorite sport though has been competitive cheerleading
and tumbling
in fact she is working on a full twisting layout

this video above is one where she is practicing her flips
you know the ones they do at the ball games that make me
dizzy just watching them do it
what sense of balance and athletic ability they have to have

what makes this video and abbie doing all this amazing is that
abbie was born without her lower  left arm

now knowing this go back up and rewatch this video ok

when your kids whine i cant do it have them watch this video
and tell them abbies story

as my wife she says
thats amazing

and when i saw abbie i saw abbie
i like most people that really know her dont even notice she is
missing her lower arm as
her personality and smiley face and intelligence masks that

if you know her then you know what i mean

what an inspiration to us all
and especially to kids
who may need some motivation

when she was a baby she learned to crawl
when she was four she locked herself in her room and
came out four hours later with tied shoes

she struggled with the monkey bars and you guessed it
she figured out how to go from bar to bar without falling
but it was painful to watch her fight to do it
but she finally did it

she paints her own fingernails and yes she changed her siblings
diapers when they were younger and that cute ponytail she wears
she puts her hair in it herself

when she was in the 3rd grade she wanted to attend a 3rd-5th grade
basketball camp-she had never played before

at award day on the last day mom attended and was shocked as
abbie won
1st place in the one on one tournament against 5th graders
1st in layups
1st in freethrows and
of course she won the ms hustle award

that tells a lot about who she is

thats also when her mom realized that abbie was special and could do
anything she wants to do
that she can

3 years ago abbie asked for a prosthetic arm
she went to shriners and was fitted with one at several visits
she wore it to school but on the way in she took it off and put
it in her backpack never to put it on again
she realized that it changed who she was and interfered with how
she does things
she probably wont ever wear one
(its now used to pull pranks on people)

she doesnt give much thought that she is different
in preschool kids would always wanted to know what happened
to her arm
she does sometimes tire of the questions from people
but doesnt really feel any different from other people

she has lots of friends
teasing has never been a problem for her

when asked who her hero was
its her best friend g
her best friend since she was 2
g will do all those things abbie wants to do

abbie is an entrepreneur
she has sold lemonade walked dogs swept porches and even
did a backyard restaurant for kids only last summer

she is an all a student
she is in the quest program
she has been first and second runner up in the school spelling bee
she is on the destination imagination team
where they have to do creative problem-solving
something abbie has always done

she wants to be rich and famous
she has this drive that will get her there
its inside her little heart

no doubt that will happen

she wants to attend the university of texas
and of course be a cheerleader there

they dont know whats coming their way

abbie is a special kid
maddam president abbie
dr abbie
counselor abbie
judge abbie.........

she has no limit to her future
some lucky guy will find her one day

abbie i miss seeing you
you were a joy to see each time i saw you
even if it was with your siblings office visit
you are an inspiration
we wish you the best for the future

you are our hope for the future

the organicgreen doctor

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