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early mild cognitive impairment(mci) amnestic type on december 21, 2010
this is a precursor to alzheimers disease
because of this diagnosis i have opted to stop practicing medicine
this blog will be about my journey with this disease
please feel free to follow me along this path
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Friday, June 29, 2012

health care, more on sushi

so the law that passed congress on healthcare was unpopular
all of one party and some of the other party opposed it
it was a political issue in the november elections
it was taken to the supreme court and ruled constitutional
it was deemed unamerican and would be the downfall of america
it was a tax and forced on americans
it was unamerican

however now years later if you are 65 and older and no matter your race
religion or political views or your health status you are on
it and are probably glad you have it
its accepted that that will be your health insurance as you get older

its called medicare

now fast forward several years
the affordable health care act or obamacare or now
we all get to have health insurance no matter what law
these same things are being said that were said years ago about

i predict if you fast forward years and as you your kids and your
grand kids look backward they and you will say
what was all the fuss about
we all are covered now
the health care system will be accepted as we now accept medicare

here is who should be happy that the health insurance law is going forward
almost all of you
remember over 50% of you are already on a single payer system ran by
the government
not many of you will be taxed for not having health insurance
very likely no one that reads this blog will be

if you are a female (which is over 50% of you) you should be happy
you are now not a preexisting condition
you can can get those preventative office visits that yall all have to go to
and now your birth control is covered
your rates wont go up because of your gender and that baby you are
having or will have  will have to be covered

if you have a child with a preexisting condition-that could be asthma
allergies  any surgery  any injury  any belly pain  headaches  add
aspergers  autism  seizures  frequent ear infections and numerous 
illnesses kids get-then previously your health insurance could be denied 
or coverage for these things could be denied
and your child could not get insurance

it happened to us
our son had some surgery and because of this when he was no longer
on our policy he was denied insurance from many companies and those
who did insure him refused to cover anything dealing with that part of the body
now he would not have had any problems getting insurance

if you have a preexisting condition and you are a adult
remember all of you if you have gone to a doctor have a preexisting condition
you may not be able to get coverage or can be dropped or if you get
coverage your premiums will be higher

i am able to hike 4 hours down into the grand canyon  hike 9 miles in the
hills of lost maples  work eight hours on a construction site  work here at 
the country n and have a normal blood pressure  a normal cholesterol 
and a normal bmi
but im uninsurable because of my diagnosis of mild cognitive impairment
thats likely due to alzheimers disease
if my wife were to lose her health insurance at work i could not get any
health coverage
now with this law in 2014 i would be able to get insurance

if you have a serious health problem have a premature newborn have
a long term bout with a terminal disease such as alzheimers  huntingtons
als  cancer  emphysema  heart failure etc you could easily go through all of
your annual or life time maximum that is placed on your coverage and you 
would be left with no insurance coverage for that illness
the new law prevents this from happening

if you have a son or daughter in college or just getting out of college or
just starting a new job or just getting out of the military they can now
get on your health insurance until they are 26 years old
then they will be able to buy an affordable policy on their own

much of the opposition to this health care law is about problems with
medicare  medicaid  increase drug costs  increase in health insurance premiums
folks those problem were here before this law
they will still be there after the law is in full swing and
if the law had been disallowed would still be there
that is a big smoke screen

also i have noticed that many of those who are opposed to this are not
really affected in any way
theyve got coverage-many are already on a government insurance
most are males
but their wives and their children benefit from the new law
none will probably ever pay the tax for not being covered

in summary
all this political rhetoric is really all a smoke screen to get rid of obama
we all know its true whether we are a republican  democrat or independent
and thats your right as an american citizen to try to oust a politician that
you dont like
i do the same thing when i vote
but not at the expense of so many americans

how could so many people benefit from a law and people be
opposed to it

when we all look back to this time sometime in the future
we all are going to wonder what the heck was the big fuss about
just like what happened with medicare

we will all be on the health insurance system in some way
and will all be glad we are
much like we are with medicare when we turn 65

thank you john roberts

whoa those sushi lovers
they got in a uproar like those against the affordable health care act

but i will say that tammy and mary are right in the comments to my
blog yesterday on sushi
you can read it by going down the page to yesterdays blog

points well taken
be safe in what sushi you buy
but sorry i want my meat cooked well done with black crust
on the edges

the organicgreen doctor


  1. Possible questions for voters this fall:

    What will Mitt Romney do after he and his party overturn the Health care legislation?

    What is the Republican party's plan for Medicare and Social Security?

    What is the Democratic party's plan for Medicare and Social Security?

    With clear answers to these questions voters can choose between the alternatives.

  2. Proud to be my-wife-she

  3. It was a huge relief that most of the Affordable Care Act was upheld this week.
    My husband and I for years had only junk health insurance, with a $5000 deductible per illness per year and a 20% co-pay, from a company that gets in the news a lot for not paying claims. (We are self-employed and this was the best policy we could get.) Finally, with the premiums going up every year, it got to be too expensive to have even this crumby coverage.
    I just read that the exchange, when it comes to Texas, will have to be set up by the federal government, because the Republican-dominated state government will not cooperate with the dreaded Obamacare-- and so the exchange in Texas will be much more progressive than anything any Texas politician would ever try to establish! More good news for us!
    Thank you for what you wrote about the Affordable Care Act. I am sure that you are aware that your opinion carries more weight than most. And, anonymous, I don't wonder at your pride at being "my wife she."