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Monday, August 13, 2012

my olympics


i watched a lot of olympics this year
especially in the last several days
however when we were in nicaragua we did not
watch any tv at all while we were there
but i sure caught up after i came back from there

i am not sure i quite understood those opening and
closing ceremonies
i did like it when the queen jumped out of the
shes now in the same ranking as the elderly george bush
who did it at 80s
woops my wife she said the queen didnt really do that
well she gets my vote just being involved with all that

my favorite olympian is gabby douglas
she just makes you feel good watching her
flying like a flying squirrel over those parallel bars
would like to adopt her as my daughter

so those swimmers are human after all as they pee
in the pool too
michael phelps will need to go to ft knox to store all
that gold in the medals hes won
best olympian ever
time will tell

one of the favorite and exciting events that i watched were
the games the us womens soccer team played against
canada and then against japan
what great games
wonder if hope solo would let my wife she and i adopt her also
i do have one more slot left for a daughterinlaw
she does seems independent minded though

that missy franklen what a 17 yr old swimmer she is
she has several more olympics to go
fun to watch

the womens basketball totally dominates that sport in the
they should give them a special medal then let the other teams
vy for the gold to make it fair

the mens basketball tried to lose that last game
lebron james is the best basketball player alive
kevin durant is silky smooth
kevin love is the best player that no one knows

the richest olympian is lebron james
also in the top ten is bolt
now theres a fast guy
move over carl lewis

the womens beach volley ball team won in the end for
their last olympics
thanks kerri walsh and misty may-treanor
they have two supportive husbands it seems

the blade runner did good for someone who had no legs
do wonder if it would have been fair if he had won
bet everyone he beat would be ticked off
now he moves to he paralympics in a month
bet he wins there

then another of my favorite olympians her 5th time to win a medal
is kimberly rhoades the skeet shooter
dang she only shot 99 of 100
that guns ok but why would she need an ak47

then the womens 400 relay team almost lapped the competition

there is a dominate theme in this years olympics
it seemed that most of the us medals were won by the women

guys theyre taking over
we already knew they were under control of things anyway

great job england
you were a great host

now im ready for some football

the organicgreen doctor


  1. Don't forget the "Hip Hop Dressage" - thanks, Josh!
    Reminiscent of Managua Hipica with miles and miles of dancing Andalusian horses!

  2. I loved every moment I was able to watch. I would adopt Gabby too. She has the most infectious smile. Our top athletes are just beyond amazing. I loved the closing ceremony too. Really kind of sad it is all over. Now the TV goes back off and we prep for school once again.