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Tuesday, August 21, 2012

show me the money, its sad


i think that mitt romney should show me the money
not because i think hes hiding anything because he
probably isnt hiding anything illegal
just embarrassing
how much money he made and what write offs he
took for tax purposes

i dont have a problem with him making as much money
as he can
heck we all do that
i have a problem with the tax deductions and tax rates
that we will find on his returns

20 million dollars and paying 13% tax rate
my best year while in practice i had a 28% tax rate
i wouldnt have minded keeping that extra $25,000 a year
in taxes i paid

he pays $20,000,000 x .13 = $2,600,000
thats a lot of taxes but not really a fair share when you consider
he pays the same rate as a single school teacher or a secretary

if he paid my rate he would pay $5,600,000
to me that seems fair
i would think that would seem fair to most people who pay
taxes on a much lower income at a higher rate than mitt does

now i dont begrudge mitt making money
he should pay a fair tax rate like we do
remember he didnt break laws or do anything illegal
heck i even use the tax loop laws to save income tax

but the problem i have is the way our income tax laws are
set up to allow someone who makes that amount of money
to pay a less tax rate than a new teacher
doesnt seem right does it

that trickle down theory is just bs
dont seen any of it trickling down to most of us

i dont really care if he releases his tax returns from the past
he made his money
but im glad that what he has shown us shows how the tax
system is set up to benefit the rich in this country
the middle class will be given the burden to support the country
with its higher tax rate on us

yes republicans and democrats
this all needs to be changed
this is what we should be talking about from both parties and
demanding they change things

its just not right

its sad that representative akin is still leading in the polls
after the remark he made about a raped woman not
getting pregnant
even the republicans are asking him to step down
if he stays and gets elected its a real low point in our
political system

the organicgreen doctor

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  1. I was terribly shocked and saddened by the ignorance that Rep. Akin displayed. As well as the acts of violence in our country, rape is an untalked-about war crime. There are thousands of children around the world who were born as a result of these war tactics. It is scary that anyone would dream there was a magic formula to avoid pregnancy - at any time.