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early mild cognitive impairment(mci) amnestic type on december 21, 2010
this is a precursor to alzheimers disease
because of this diagnosis i have opted to stop practicing medicine
this blog will be about my journey with this disease
please feel free to follow me along this path
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Monday, August 26, 2013

preschool, second chances

yesterday was the preschool day
the day before school starts around here
kids are anxious or just dont want to go at all
parents are glad to get the kids back to school
the teachers have their rooms ready to go

so last night as kca was putting her son to bed
thats abbies younger brother
he says
i dont want to close my eyes because when i open
them summer is over

dont you just love kids
thanks kcc for the posting and thanks for the smile to start the day

my wife she is ready for school with her classroom all ready
those lucky kids
she teaches english reading and creative writing
at an alternative school or disciplinary school or opportunity center
or whatever you want to call it
if your child is at her school you arent happy about it since
they got in trouble at their school

but my wife she chose to teach there
she loves it like i loved medicine
its her calling
i think she does a good job

it takes a lot of compassion and patience to teach there
and she has a lot of both
just dont push her too far as ive found out many times since
weve been married
she will win in the end

she basically is on the kids side
sometimes teachers forget that kids are why they are there
in the first place

each semester more than one kid will be discovered there in her
class that no one  knows how talented or intelligent they are and
will leave there a new person with a new perspective for the

granted many of them are future writers artists musicians actors
and are quite talented

in fact here is a book written by the poet karla morton
that includes poems from her students

the drawing on the front is done by one of her talented students that
was lost in the system

my wife she is very tolerant with these kids
when you hear some of the stories of their lives
you understand why she is

but if she is  pushed too far they go to the principals office
and when she sends someone there the office knows they
have been bad
and the punishment may mean moving on to the next level
which is not a good place to be

but as the school starts today and the first group who start
the year there arrive
she is ready for them with open arms
we need more teachers like her and the other teachers who
teach with her

good luck everyone in school today

you have to give people second chances
like the ones at the school mentioned above

two of texas ex quarterbacks
probably two of the best that has ever been there
now have second chances
colt mcoy
was cut by cleveland
that harsh head hit that left him with a concussion and knocked him
out for the season
he never came back and played much after that the next year

i like colt mccoy
good texas name
from a little town in texas
not recruited much
a coaches son
he had it
but he made it at ut and did well

he is a nice kid very religious but doesnt push it on people like some
athletes do

he got a second chance as a backup at san francisco and it
looks like they decided to keep him as the number two quarterback
this year

good luck colt
you have always proven people wrong

then vince young
highly recruited
he had that special talented it that cant be learned

the ut texas hero quarterback
who had fallen from the graces of the nfl
well he did do some strange things
spent all his money he earned in seven years in the nfl
im talking millions of dollars
well he may have been swindled out of most of it

he was brought into green bay to try out
and did quite well
and was kept as the backup to aaron rodgers

he is saying the right things
working hard like he should have been doing when
he started years ago

sometimes adversity can make you contrite
and motivate you

may all have a good day today

the organicgreen doctor

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