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early mild cognitive impairment(mci) amnestic type on december 21, 2010
this is a precursor to alzheimers disease
because of this diagnosis i have opted to stop practicing medicine
this blog will be about my journey with this disease
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Monday, August 19, 2013

they all are doing it


you know they are doing it dont you
as i talked to my  wife she about her email at work
most employers can and many do spy on their employees
i use to tell employees all the time since they forget thats
going on
i personally only used the works email for work
no whining in those emails

i dont know if my wife she listened to me or not
since shes been known not to

you know how teachers are
they have to talk about each other or gossip
well they are not different than everyone else

now i asked my wife
arent yall on google email at work
yes she said

so she has admin looking at her emails
google monitoring all her emails
no you dont have the right to keep us from doing it
google said
nsa is storing all her emails im guessing somewhere in utah

talk about loss of privacy

then i read this morning on yahoo that these things in your home
could be  monitoring you and spying on you

the tv
they can on new tvs put malware on it and obtain data of
what you are watching and can even control the camera
on your tv and watch you watch tv

cable box
new boxes may have a camera and sensors in them
if kids are using it the ads will be geared to kids if
two romantic adults are watching it who knows what
will be showed

your clock dishwasher remote control toaster clothes dryer
why would they want to know all about that stuff but they can

lights security alarms
these are commonly connected to the internet and can
easily be hacked and altered

your ac and heater can even be controlled via the internet
my rainwater brother can raise his ac thermastat when he
knows his wife is gone and can lower the hot water heater when
he knows she is through using the hot water for the day

this could easily be hacked

medical devices like insulin pumps or pacemakers
a well known hacker has demonstrated that he can hack
these and control them
nothing good could come of this

can be easily hacked
imagine what could be accessed on your phone
the military can take over a smartphone and using 3d
imaging can produce a 3d image of the  phones surroundings
now thats scary

heck you can now buy illegal drugs on line using this supposedly
secure website to order them
fbi hacked that system already

computer tablets
sorry there is nothing you have on your computer or you use your
computer for that can not be hacked or monitored legally by
google or the nsa

this is all sobering and 1984ish
so what can we do to protect our privacy

so i found an article written by the computer guru kim komando
about how to keep nsa from spying on you

her conclusion this expert was
if you dont want it read dont put it on your computer
thats the only way

i wonder if i could turn the thermostat up on my rainwater brothers
thermostat when my sisterinlaw is home
bet she would think she was having a hot flash

the organicgreen doctor

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