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this is a precursor to alzheimers disease
because of this diagnosis i have opted to stop practicing medicine
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Thursday, September 26, 2013

smart college, willies loss

if youve read this blog much you know that i am a
ut horn fan
which has been very disappointing thing to be recently
for ut mens sports like football basketball and baseball
not quite as much for track or swimming
but maybe real good for womens volleyball
were no 1 on that one in austin
we all know that women athletes seem to be a smarter bunch
than those guy teams

now i found out this morning while reading on yahoo why
the ut horns arent as good as they were

i read every morning online two papers and several news sites
looking for articles that interest me

this morning there it was
academic vs athletic ie football rankings
alabama number one in the poll but academic rating it was
well not quite as good
well it was real bad
let see notre dame it was highly ranked in academic and in sports
but not in the top ten of either
but was close at 15
let see clemson
texas am
texas tech
ohio state
nope not there

it seems as the sports ranking on the top 25 football ranking
gets higher it seems the academic rating gets lower

the only team that was in the top 10 academically and football rankings
was stanford at 5 for both

so that my friends is the explanation for the ut horns demise
its not mack browns fault
or many diaz
or all those top recruits
or all those injuries to key players

it appears according to statistics
that its because of the university of texas higher academic rating
its something that all those millions of dollars or is it billions
cant overcome
except of course for that national volleyball championship last year

stanford is an outlier it seems

so therefore
the ranking in the football poll is inversely related to the schools
academic ranking it seems

so that explains rices football program also


ol dillo
hes the mascot for willies band
last week someone took the stiffed armadillo off its stand as the band
was breaking down the stage
it was all caught on tape as
you see this long haired lady cant tell if she is some strange girl with
red hair or not
grab the armadillo and just walk off with it

willies fans are upset and a national search is underway for ol dillo
willie apparently is not a vengeful guy but if youve ever read
the red headed stranger lyrics you know that bad things can happen
to people who steal horses
in texas apparently they hang armadillo thieves also

the organicgreen doctor

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