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Monday, December 23, 2013

hes right but hes wrong


if you are from the south you have to love the
duck dynasty folks
even if you arent
many of you folks still like them

i dont agree with all of their beliefs but i sure
like them

so that said
the head dynaster has a right as we all do to believe
what he wants and to say what he wants

thats said
i think i would have rather have a gay couple next door
than some guy thats drinking and beating his wife

we all have friends teachers doctors neighbors and relatives
that are gay
thats not my thing but the fact that they are gay doesnt bother me
eg my sons barber when he was young was a gay male
his pediatrician was gay and was male
never really thought about it at all
didnt bother me at all
several of the doctors i worked with were gay
some of the best ones
i had a lot of gay patients teachers professionals laborers etc
and even some ministers
didnt see a difference in the work they did or how they treated
other people
its been interesting to see some of the comments from ministers
i know about all this

sometimes they gay people seem to be better human beings that the rest of us
especially after i listened to the head duck guy

then the other thing
besides the he has a right to say what he wants
he is in the public eye a real public eye
hes a sitting duck
being a southerner that looks hicky like he has strong religious beliefs
he is sitting there waiting to be picked off

you have to be careful
tactful at time
at what you say

maybe just say i dont believe in gayness and think its a sin
stop and say no more

remember the media are never your friend
im sure the head duck knows this now
hes a smart guy
dont let that beard and countriness fool you
they all are
those duck guys

then the black thing
sorry hes totally wrong there
im sure those black folks singing while they picked cotton
werent happy then and werent happy during the slave days

maybe he should go watch that 12 years a slave movie

granted the blacks probably used music and gospel singing
as some solace for their social situation

and without the civil rights movement this country would
have really been torn apart
scars that would never be healed

so i can sort of give him a pass on the gay thing
based on his religious beliefs
its doubtful that he would ever be acceptive of
a person being gay
thats his right i guess
i dont agree with him though

but i cant give him a pass though on the black thing
no excuse
not understanding what it was like to be black in
no excuse at all

he has rights but he is not right

the organicgreen doctor

1 comment:

  1. I could not have said it better myself... the media will eat you for dinner if you are the least bit controversial. They don't care if you're right or wrong... just if you can draw eyeballs to their newspapers, magazines, websites, etc.

    As to the Christian aspect, he should not take any position of condemnation. It's not his job. I watched the 2010 Berean Dinner video... 3 times. He went over the line and his GQ comments were foolish.

    If you want to bring people to a relationship with God... don't drag 'em.