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because of this diagnosis i have opted to stop practicing medicine
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Tuesday, December 10, 2013

no to obamacare


no i havent changed my mind on obamacare
im still a big supporter of it
although i think we should be on a single payer system
which would overall save us money as a country

we would all be working under the same rules
costs could be better contained
and all our care would be equal
no cadillac plans for the richest of us

im saying no to obamacare
because it appears in february or march i will be on medicare
since my social security disability will likely be approved

this was a requirement on my long term disability policy
to file for social security disability
along with that comes the automatic signup for medicare

so if the claim is won i will be on the same single payer system
that many americans are on

i will buy a supplement to cover the parts that medicare doesnt
these are not available with the obamacare policies or even those
policies bought in the private world

i could stay on my wife shes blue cross policy but would be paying
$850+ a month to do that along with my medicare
so for the same coverage of medicare at $100+ a month and the
best supplement blue cross of $275 a month for health coverage
and drug coverage
i will be saving close to $600 a month for health insurance

sorry obamacare

ive spent a lot of time researching the obamacare policies for some
friends myself and one of my sons
what ive found is the policies if you pick the right ones
are just as good as the ones they have now or in some cases are
even cheaper

if i dont get the claim i will chose between my wifes shes policy
and an obamacare policy a gold one that is almost the same
as hers at the same price
i probably will stay on her  policy since i would have to switch
off both of them in a year anyway
so why change for 1 year
note the providers are the same on both policies

when you look at these policies be sure and look at the provider
list to make sure your providers are on the list and you hospitals
are on the list also

also some of the companies offered in texas eg do not have a
good reputation among patients and providers
and some have restrictive provider lists
just eg like the medicare advantage plans do or
some of the hmos do

my son has a chance to get a policy from the company he
is associated with but its $100+ a month more
an obamacare policy with the same company blue cross with the
same provider lists but with a slight increase in out of pocket expenses
its a silver plan
will cost him $100+ a  month less
so his cost will be the same as he is paying now for a good policy that
is grandfathered which means it doesnt have the protections like the
obamacare policies do
this policy will go away in 2015

so im recommending he get the silver blue cross ppo based on his age
and the fact he hasnt used his insurance much in the 8 years he has had it

you have to take you situation your age your health care usage and what
you can afford to make the right chose for yourself and your family

dont listen to the news about any of this
think for yourself
take advantage of this opportunity to get good quality insurance

another friend is buying insurance for her 18 year old daughter through
blue cross
she could get it through her work but its cheaper to buy it herself through
blue cross
shes done this for several years

looking at the obamacare exchanges she can get a similar policy
for $100 less a month
and may actually qualify for a subsidy also
again this says a lot for what we dont pay our teachers

so folks dont be afraid to check it out
the website is working
ive been able to use it from the beginning
i do have a cookie blocker that blocks it on google chrome so i
have to use internet explorer

in summary
i support obamacare
i probably will be on medicare and a blue cross supplement since thats
whats best for my situation

my son will probably get a silver blue cross ppo plan through obamacare

this friend can save money by getting an obamacare policy for her daughter

you have 6 months to figure this all out

what if the republicans and democrats had put some of their energy
into making this health reform law better instead of spending so
much time and energy fighting about it
in the republicans case
spending so much time and money putting up roadblocks which
then affect you and i no matter our political beliefs
millions are being left without coverage in several states

thanks rick for leaving your citizens out of the new system and
without coverage

special thanks to states like arkansas that figured out a compromise
to cover its citizens

no obamcare for me
darn it

the organicgreen doctor


  1. I voted for him... I hoped it would be more than it has become but with my complicated family of various medical needs, I don't have high hopes.

    I honestly really wanted it to work but it's not looking good in the short term. Maybe down the road it will settle out but unlike you, I have not done any research on it. Shame on me.


    1. if you have company coverage and the kids with special needs covered there probably wasnt a need for you to investigate it like i did

      i was looking for an alternative to the insurance i had to save money and to help my son find a policy to replace the one he had that would be going away

      i also wanted to understand how it worked and was working myself since i was frequently asked about obamacare

      i learned not to believe what you read and hear about things
      in the various media

      its a system now but its not perfect
      hopefully we can build and mold into a better one
      a single payer system would be better

      it is sad that here eg in texas that those who need it the
      most are being left out by the millions thanks to the states
      decision to not take the new medicaid dollars and thanks
      to the supreme court ruling that allowed them to do it
      the same court that ruled that corporations are people