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Monday, February 3, 2014

super BOWL

super BowL
what did those broncos smoke before that game
since pot is legal now in denver
maybe they partook too much before the game

its legal in denver but not yet in seattle
that may be the explanation of what happened last night
in the super BowL

i enjoyed watching the commercials
to have a break from the game

there wasnt a dominant commercial
at least not as dominant as the seahawks were
well i did like the dog and horse commercial
the nascar mountain dew one that called dale jrs nascar to the pond

then the half time show
its noted on facebook there sure were a lot of female comments
about bruno

when that first snap went over peytons head into the end zone
i thought this is not going to be good
the first play of the second half
that kickoff to percy harvin for a touchdown
game was definitely over then

whos malcom smith
never heard of him
of course i had never heard of most of their players
on that seattle team

i dont think he should have gotten the mvp
it should have gone to the seahawks defense
what total domination by them
of the explosive bronco offense

couldnt they just have given it to the whole defense team
seems right to me

there was no way that richard sherman could win mvp
since there was no way anyone would throw the ball in
his direction

the seahawks offense just didnt make any mistakes
of course for awhile i didnt think they would ever
get back on the field

russel wilson
salary $520000
i see a big paycheck in his future
ive always liked him since his college days
just does his job and doesnt make mistakes

its mistakes
those turnovers fumbles interceptions penalties
is what loses games
except last night
it was those
plus that smothering seattle defense

yes i would say it was an unsuper BOWL last night
it will be a long off season for the broncos and peyton

then next year the seattle team will be the favorite
no doubt
with such a young team
of course eventually all those good players will outprice what
seattle can pay
and they will all be gone

hopefully someone can compete with them next year

the organicgreen doctor

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