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this is a precursor to alzheimers disease
because of this diagnosis i have opted to stop practicing medicine
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Monday, February 24, 2014


what would joe do
thats what i was thinking last week as i listened to
the news report

my younger brother was a deputy sheriff for several years
he died last year from that devastating disease
alzheimers disease
the one none of us wants to get

its alzheimers disease then stroke then cancer then heart attacks
thats what america fears

joe was fair
i spoke with him several times about being a policeman
he seemed to deal with people fairly
especially those normal citizens that made a mistake
like speeding
maybe jaywalking

no hard core stuff like drugs dwi prostitution murder robbery
those guys didnt get off easy

i even discussed with him once about the time i was stopped
and had my wife she not been there with me i probably would have
made the 6 oclock news like she did

i turned like hundreds of drivers every morning early into a
turn lane
if we all didnt do that then the traffic at that intersection that
time of day would come to a standstill
had been doing it for years
there he was behind me with his lights

sir you turned too early on that turn lane

what do you mean everyone does that
look see all those people doing it now

enter my wife she sitting next to me and who gave me
a swift elbow in the ribs
shut up she said youre making him mad

think maybe he had been up all night and was grumpy
as i argued more he got more unhappy
glad he didnt reach and grab me by the arm
i probably would have ended up like she did
although she seemed more innocent than i was
i was sore in the ribs by then
i got the message

last week in austin a young college student got ready to
do her morning job
shoes on ear buds in place
put on her toe shoes
i wear those ear buds not the toe shoes
when i work in the yard on weekends to listen
to my garden show
my wife is always talking to me and i cant hear a word
she says
glad she doesnt come up behind me and grab my arm
something bad may come of that
like it did for her

she was running on the drag
thats the area around the university of texas west campus

when you drive down that street everyone knows to
watch out for pedestrians as the students
ok when i go down to this area i do the same thing
just walk out into the street to the other side
you know like deer do sometimes on the roads
or chickens crossing the road
notice how you never seem to hit those chickens

you have to be cautious
theres those signs you are suppose to wait for
those white gloved signs that starts sometimes
a countdown to let you know when to stop
the rule of the road in that area
if its clear dash across
i do it they do it its the common law
understood by all

so she is running
cuts across like everyone does
now there was a cop a real big cop not tall
writing a ticket to some criminal at the intersection

he wasnt a further east and north
at that intersection
if you live around here you know what it is
ok its rundberg lane
you can get a hit a joint a bag of something a fix a lady
or a man anytime 24/7 a day
we know it they know it the police know it
so why werent those cops over there stopping that criminal
activity instead of working so hard
stopping those student hardened criminals who broke
societies law of
a threat to us all

so she crossed the street runs past the cop he reaches out
and grabs her arm
wrestles her to the ground
how surprised im sure she was as she went down
slammed those handcuffs on her
if she could have jerked away there is no way in hell
that cop could ever have caught her
it appears it took 4 of them to subdue this criminal
as she yelled
i didnt do anything wrong i was just jogging

it was caught mostly on tape and on pictures by bystanders

now she did do wrong when she started to f bomb some
i fbomb did nothing wrong
yes you did you menance to society you jaywalked
youre worse than those rundberg criminals

into the car she went
ok she was fbombing as she went
i fbombed didnt do anything wrong
she wouldnt learn would she

later the police chief seemed a little too grumpy to me
must run in that police force that day
he said something about at least they didnt rape her
seems strange

wonder how he explained that on cnn

all i can say is thank goodness she wasnt black or hispanic
it could have been a lot worse

oh yes across the street while this was all happening
was a reporter for the daily texan the ut newspaper
who was sitting at starbucks drinking his coffee
he caught this all on video which has gone viral
you can even hear him talking to her
and warning other potential criminals who would jaywalk there

here is the link to a story on this event from the daily texan

here is his youtube video of the event

she looks like a hardened criminal to me
hope she is a law student

so wwjd
joe would have been fair
im sure in his heart he would have looked at her like he would
have looked at one of his daughters
that look he could give
probably gave a warning a stern warning
not to jaywalk
and would have let her go and finish her run
so she could get back to class

they dont make those cops like him anymore i guess

the organicgreen doctor

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