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early mild cognitive impairment(mci) amnestic type on december 21, 2010
this is a precursor to alzheimers disease
because of this diagnosis i have opted to stop practicing medicine
this blog will be about my journey with this disease
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Wednesday, April 30, 2014

some things


for some reason i like miley cyrus
i guess when i see her i always think of
the girl with the dragoon tattoo
a disturbed brilliant girl that is talented
who doses some weird things

now i dont like to look at her pictures or videos
since when i see them all i can think of is
what if that was my daughter twirking like that

recently when she was hospitalized
i thought well now shes gone and got all drugged out
and just needed some rest and rehab

however it seems she was given an antibiotic for a cold
seems like a misuse of antibiotics to me
a cephalosporin it was
doesnt really work well on upper respiratory bacteria infections
like pneumonia
and doesnt work at all on viral ones

so my guess is she got an antibiotic for something that an
antibiotic wasnt needed
she paid the price
this is why using antibiotics for viral infections shouldnt be done

she definitely was worse off from the reaction to the antibiotic
than she was from the infection
it would have cleared up on its own

i remember once i had a patient who came in with a severe
case of poison ivy on her uppper arms and hands
it seems her kids had gone to a pond where the stuff grows
got it all over their clothes
when she put them in the washing machine
the clothes not the kids
she got the ivy oil all over her hands and arms

it was one of the worse cases of poison ivy ive seen
in doctor terms thats called contact dermatitis severe

im getting there now tying this to miley

it also looked infected
at that time staph infections were still susceptible to a lot of
i was concerned she had gotten a strep skin infection
so in addition to the steroid tapering stuff i gave her a cephalosporin
like ms twerker got

the severe reaction to the poison ivy gradually cleared over
the next two weeks
then after that she developed this new rash that was diffuse
her joints became swollen red tender like a severe case
of rheumatoid arthritis
her lips were swollen
her legs feet and hands were swollen

what had happened was she had a reaction to the antibiotic
which was masked by the steroid
when she finished the antibiotics
and as the steroids wore off
the antibiotic reaction took over
it was the worse that i have ever seen from an antibiotic

you can get kidney failure and even die from these reactions
the severe ones are called steven johnsons syndrome

i was going to post pictures of a severe reaction
but i was afraid some of you would have difficulty looking
at them especially if you had just eaten breakfast

my guess is that miley had this same reaction happen to her
probably her youth and good health from all that twirking exercise
probably kept things from going from bad to worse

hopefully she and her doctor learned a lesson

its still hard to believe shes hannah montana

the organicgreen doctor

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