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early mild cognitive impairment(mci) amnestic type on december 21, 2010
this is a precursor to alzheimers disease
because of this diagnosis i have opted to stop practicing medicine
this blog will be about my journey with this disease
please feel free to follow me along this path
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Thursday, April 24, 2014

the life blood

its the life blood of your garden
thats what compost is

the best compost is the compost you make yourself
thats what i do
made almost 3 cubic yards of country n compost this year

compost can be as simple as dumping leaves in the corner
of your yard and just leaving them alone
gradually over time they will compost down to a rich
nutritious compost
like nature does

yesterday i was showing a student that was helping me
doing some landscaping at habitat for humanity
as i was talking about compost to her

yes i get in a compost lecture when i can

i showed her how those leaves had sat on the lot for months
down under the top layers
there was this rich compost there

 you can all do that

if you cant make your own
there are a lot of commercially available organic composts
readily available at most garden centers
especially here in the austin area there are several good ones
ladybug brand gardenville medina just to mention a few
i always use ladybug brand on my garden if i need compost

please oh please dont use the solid waste compost in your garden
it aint safe to use

so here again is how i do my country n compost
the kiss method
keep it simply simple

my chickens do all the work
they provide me with compost eggs and insect contol

you the ones that give me your leaves provide the carbon source
the chickens provide the nitrogen source with all that pooping
they do
the chickens dig through the leaves removing the seeds and
gradually over weeks shred the leaves to smithereens

i make three strengths of country n  compost

the strongest starts here

this is where the chickens roost at night
their poops falls down below the roost area
i have leaves as a base
then every so often i throw in some leaves to cover it up
and to control ammonia buildup
the coop is open to the outside so it has good ventilation

that white stuff you see is diatamaceous earth
i dusted the area well with it
after i power washed the coop with an oranges oil water mixture

the diatamaceous earth will kill any insects in there and mites

every 6 months i clean this out
this year i got 3 full wheelbarrows full
of poop feathers leaves

and pile it up in a area layering each wheelbarrow load with leaves
then i let this sit for months
letting it all compost down all that poop feathers and leaves
what is left is a rich compost
i use it like you would use an organic fertilizer

the stronger compost

i make or i should say the chickens make this

inside their coop is an enclosed area of about 300+ square feet
this is the area where they are locked up at night and when we are
not around
they spend well over half their day there even when we are around
as they feel safer in there
they have food and water in there also

i have put in bags and bag of leaves yes those that you gave me
they over time have shredded the smithereens out of the leaves
leaving a rich rich compost not as strong as that mentioned earlier

i clean this out every 6 months
this year i got about 15  5 gallon buckets of this compost

which i placed in this 4 ft x 4 ft area to sit for several months
ill use this in my fall garden
yum yum my peppers eggplants okra tomatoes i have planted now
i heard them say this i did
they cant wait

the strong compost

there is a chicken run around my garden where they have access
all day long
thats about 90 ft x 3-4 ft

i have placed down a layer of leaves about 2 feet deep
yes they really work this stuff
digging dusting shredding eating seeds for a year
whats left is pure compost
is smells like fresh dirt
i get about 2-3 cubic yards of compost from this area
this ill use next spring in my garden

so this is the three country n compost that i er should i say these
girls make each year
i almost feel guilty using all this free labor
but heck they sure seem happy

its the best compost that can be used
since i made it myself

reduced that footprint some didnt i

start you a compost pile
maybe add a chicken to keep it all stirred up

the organicgreen doctor

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