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i am a family physician who was diagnosed with
early mild cognitive impairment(mci) amnestic type on december 21, 2010
this is a precursor to alzheimers disease
because of this diagnosis i have opted to stop practicing medicine
this blog will be about my journey with this disease
please feel free to follow me along this path
i will continue blogging on organic gardening, green living,
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Friday, September 26, 2014


this is disgusting
it makes me nauseated
it makes me want to puke
it really pi$$e$ me off

heres the story
if you get diagnosed with alzheimers disease
the doctors usually will put you on a medication called
aricept (donepezil) to hopefully slow down the progression
of the symptoms for awhile
it does not stop the disease progression though
the earlier you start this in the disease the better it may work

then as the disease progresses on into the mid stages and
into the later stages
when it seems theres this point when things make that
fateful turn downward
many doctors will add a drug called namenda
it works slightly different from aricept and may
slow things down some for awhile

my opinion is that using these two meds like this is worth
as its really the only thing we have that may help some

remember there is not a cure or treatment or the disease
but thank goodness its coming

now here comes the disgusting part
shows how bad our legal medical government system is
it sheds an awful light on big pharma
yes its those old drug companies again screwing us over

aricept is generic now and is called donepezil
several companies make it
i personally pay $60 a year for it using my medicare d
drug plan
thank you mr george w for doing this plan

if you paid cash for it you would pay
$10+- for 30 pills

then in a few years after i have progressed the doctor
will add namenda to my regimen

lets see namenda comes not generic yet
a months worth at costco cash price is $149.50
whoa i hope george ws medicare d covers that

whats that you say the drug company called actavis is discontinuing
making it
but its not even gone generic yet

so you have to buy the drug called namenda xr
lets see that will be $300+ a month for that

so why would they quit making the cheaper stuff
oh i see so doctors now have to use the namenda xr
no other company can make the cheaper namenda
the drug company makes another extra $200 a month
off your parents or grandparents or you uncle or aunt
or your unlucky early onset alzheimers brother

that is so disgusting that we and our government let this
$#!) happen

what is that you say

what it is going to get worse

so the patent for the old form namenda goes off patent in 2015
then many different companies can make it
the price would intially drop 10% then later it will drop 90%
some demented person that has advanced could be treated for
$20+- a month

so by stopping making the namenda pill actavis is forcing
all these patients to go on namenda xr
which doesnt work any better than namenda

so when the namenda generic comes next year if it does
now all the patients will nicely be on namenda xr
doctors and patients commonly dont want to change

well ok when does that patent go off
oh my goodness

by doing this actavis makes it much harder for a generic company
to come in and make the new generic

wonder if they have trouble sleeping at night
they rank up there with all those folks that call the elderly
trying to scam them
wait its the same thing isnt it

then sometimes the brand company like actavis
will actually buy out the new generic company so the price will
stay up even longer

so lets see thats $240 a year vs $3600

i have to stop writing now
i am so disgusted
i just puked all over my laptop

i have instructed my wife she
no brand namenda xr for me please
just let me slide down that slope without it

williamson county walk to end alzheimers
is tomorrow at the beautiful san gabriel park
in georgetown texas
walk starts at 900am
registration desk opens at 800am
temperature at walk time is to be 72 degrees

you can still donate and or join our team
at this link 

remember there is no charge to walk with us
just show up and sign the waiver form

see you tomorrow
if not send us good vibes in the am as we walk
to do our part to help end this awful disease
oh write you congresspersons governor and your attorney general
unless you live in texas since big pharma own these guys

the organicgreen doctor

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