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early mild cognitive impairment(mci) amnestic type on december 21, 2010
this is a precursor to alzheimers disease
because of this diagnosis i have opted to stop practicing medicine
this blog will be about my journey with this disease
please feel free to follow me along this path
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Thursday, September 4, 2014

is it a fix

as a physician its always hard to figure out whether
someone is faking or not when they come in for
pain medicines
some are so obvious they are faking
others are real good at it
real good

when i first started practicing the trend was not to give
out much of that stuff
broken bones post operative pain acute pain from
say an acute ruptured disk etc
it was always a fine balance between helping people with
bad pain and making them an addict or contributing to
an addicts addiction

then the trend was to give more pain meds since state boards
would reprimand you or put you on probation if someone
complained to them and the board deemed it that you
didnt give them enough stuff for the pain

theres not a test you know
sometimes its quite obvious like a broken bone
other times it was not so obvious like back pain and headaches

i always wondered what those red flecks were in that vicodin

now i had a migraine headache once i know that must be what
one feels like
excruciating vise like pain that was unrelenting
mine was from a severe case of iritis where you can get
inflammation that causes the pain
luckily i had a hydrocodone (vicodin) left over from some oral surgery
that yes it took two to relieve the pain
i cant imagine having them frequently the pain not the pill

then i had the acute rupture of the disk in my back
felt like i was having 10 babies or once  or a bowel movement
the size of a boulder
i couldnt have made it without the hydrocodone
lots of it

i was able to wean off it and even now when it flares bad
i could see how someone could easily want to continue it
theres pain the more you have  the more you need
theres the tolerance the more you take the  more you need
for it to work

then the dea and boards started go after the docs that wrote
too many prescriptions for pain meds
specialties like neurologists and neurosurgeons and orthopedists
and pain doctors
are big writers of that stuff

write some for me please if that bone is sticking out my leg
many of them got caught in the big crack down on drug
a lot of good docs got their reprimands when they were doing what
was right
dammed if you do and dammed if you dont

now the feds have moved the hydrocodone from a class 3 to a class 2
its now in there with morphine
at least its not ranked as bad as marijuana at class 1
means its a bad drug huh that weed

now you can only get a 90 day prescription with no refills
no phone calling it in
you have to see a doctor to get a refill
in some states no nurse practitioner or physician assistant can write it

what does this mean
less pills on the market for resale illegally
less addiction i guess
less pain control for those who really need it
more people moving to heroin for the addiction
its cheaper and probably easier to get
the black market will figure it

i still never understood why it only came with aspirin or acetaminophen
or ibuprofen or cough syrups
its the acetaminophen in there that has caused most of the problems with
liver failure liver damage

so now we will probably create this large number of folks hooked on
maybe less people will get hooked on drugs to start with
some people with pain arent going to get proper pain treatment
ironically a med commonly used for chronic pain is a class 1 drug
and is illegal in the us and in most states
thats marijuana
many nfl players use it for this reason


my views have evolved over time on this drug issue
we should let more people have them
there should be places like in europe where the addicts can get
what they need
marijuana should be legal
im sure if it were i would be taking it nightly to aid with sleep
and as alzheimers progresses use it for anxiety that can develop
we have filled up the prisons and jails with folks who really arent
someone is getting rich off all this
drug companies prison companies drug dealers
let put an end to their profits

just sayin

the organicgreen doctor

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